Snooze button x 3 Part II

2 02 2010

<end Jeopardy music>

Okay so where was I…Oh yes, so I got up and did that damn c25k walk/run this morning. Today’s program felt better than yesterday. I actually felt like I was running. My strides were longer and less awkward. Not every cycle mind you but I had at least three cycles that felt really good.

What I didn’t do today was get on the computer and check my facebook for an hour which would be typical for me.  Instead I jumped in the shower and left my house promptly at 9am. I didn’t have to be to work until 11 and with a 30 minute commute it put me in vicinity of the office at around 930. This gave me an additional 90 minutes to walk around the University campus close by. If I hadn’t taken the extra time to go for a walk I would have missed out on some beautiful nature I didn’t even know was near by…


Snooze button x 3

2 02 2010

On certain days of the week I get home kind of late. Usually 11:30ish. Two months ago I would be giddy with anticipation because my husband would be in bed and I could have free reign of the computer to play World of Warcraft until the wee hours of the morning. Checking my inventory, flying around Northrend killing things and just plain old doing nothing in the middle of the night.

This habit is no longer an option for me. For one thing I’ve given up playing WoW as of January 6th…it’s funny how you don’t think an online game really can take over your life but it does and it did mine.  Now when I get home at 1130p, I get right to bed and read for about 10 minutes and then fall off into la la land.

Another change I’ve made in this life changing journey is get up at 7am every morning.  The first month I got up at 7 am to get on the treadmill first thing.  Now I’m up at 7am to be out of the house by 7:30 to do the c25k.

There is a point to this story.

The point being is that I didn’t want to get up today.

I was tired and wanted to keep sleeping.  I hit the snooze the first time and crawled back into bed. I slept an additional 9 minutes before the alarm went off again. I hit the snooze button for a second time and crawled back into bed. That’s when the conversation started between my lazy self and my “new lifestyle journey” self…it went something like this:

LS: “Just stay in bed, you don’t need to go out today”

NLJS: “You will get out of bed because you need this”

LS: “pssssssh, you don’t really need this. You can do this tomorrow”

NLJS:Listen here LS, there’s a new kid in town and I’m taking over this playground. Now get up and get out there cause dammit you’re almost ready to move onto c25k week two”

LS: “@!%& YOU!”

At 7:18 I hit that damn snooze button. I did not crawl back into bed. I got dressed and took my NLJS out the door and did week one day 2 (repeated cycle two) of c25k..

Hold that thought.  Lunch time and I need to go for my walk.

<insert Jeopardy music>