And the winner is….

2 06 2010

Oh man I woke up all hella excited today!


Cause it’s National Running Day!

And if you’ve been following my blog (you have been following right?) then you know I’m doing my first giveaway and it’s time to pick the winner! Squee!!

I went to MathGoodies and used their kick ass RNG (random Number Generator). I had a total of 67 comments so my limit was between 0 and 68. I put in my little numbers and this is what I got for the random goodness:

Whooo hoooo #36…okay now the count.

(I left one comment so I skipped that one)





Oh here it is #36

“I used to hate running. I always got shin splints and side aches and I hate bouncing. Now I know that I haven’t been doing the proper stretches, breathing correctly or gotten the right sports bra. Now I love it and mostly for the reason that I CAN run.”

Congrats to Jenn

Jenn just so happens to be my “neighbor” to the North (another Seattleite – Hello Val and Jord!) so that means I save on postage (woot woot).

Send me an email: taraterpci (at) vzw (dot) blackberry (dot)  net so I can send you all the goodies. LOL Starbucks card for a Seattleite. Original! Don’t forget to check out Val’s giveaway to see who won!


My First Giveaway!!!!!!!!!

26 05 2010


Oh man am I excited.

Can you tell????

Seriously, I feel like such a big-girl blogger now that I’m doing my first official giveaway. The great thing about this giveaway is it’s being co-hosted by my friend Val (SeattleRunnerGirl), who by the way has a smashing new blog layout (read: totally jealous!).

June 2nd is National Running Day and if you’ve been following this blog (you have been following right???) then you know I’ve been running since mid February when I started with the Couch to 5k program ( When I started running I couldn’t. At least not for more than a block.

Fast forward to today and I’m doing some amazing things with this concept of running. I’ve just completed my first 5k this past weekend and run everyday on the treadmill to improve my speed.  Running has helped not only with my weight-loss but also in my ability to believe in myself. It has taught me perseverance and how to push through to finish when all you want to do is fall down and cry like a baby.

I don’t love running just yet. I like it a lot. The faster I get and the more races I do, the more I inch closer to using that “L” word. I want you to experience getting to the “L” stage too.

Now to the fun part!


There will be several ways to enter this challenge.

Each entry will require a separate comment.

  • The first and most important is you pledge to run on June 2nd. I don’t care about distance. I don’t care about time. Just leave me a comment with what you’re going to do.
  • Tell me why you love/like/hate running.
  • Post a link to this challenge on your blog. Comment with that link.
  • Follow me on Twitter HERE. Tweet this challenge and comment that you gave me some twitter love.

So that’s four chances for you to win something pretty awesome! You probably want to know what I’ve put together for the NRD giveaway! Well let me tell you I wish I could enter this one myself cause this stuff is mad cool!


  • June’s issue of Runners (with some great beginning running articles)
  • A kick ass water bottle. (kickass!!)
  • A $10 gift card to Starbucks (for after those long runs)
  • Tigerbalm (which is DA BOMB…stinky yes, but still da bomb)
  • 3 Clif bars (my favorite flavors: Cool mint chocolate, Carrot Cake, Blueberry crisp)

Now here’s the exciting part. Since Val is co-hosting with me, you can go over there and enter as well…Whoa, what kind of crazy talk is this??? Want to know what she’s giving away?

A $10 card to REI (Sahweeeeeeet)


We girls that run, know how to kick it back to cool like whoa! So what are you waiting for? Come back here June 3rd to find out who the winner is. Until then…