Week #7 weigh in and new running partner!

13 02 2010

Weigh in Week #7

December 29th 2009 = 263.5 lbs

Today = 246.2 lbs.

Total loss = 17.3 lbs

I lost a little over a pound in the last week. It’s not as fast as I want but I’ll take what I get. I really thought I was going to have a gain this week. I made some food decisions that might not have been the best choice (dim sum, pasta, frozen yogurt)¬†but I managed to stay mindful about the amount going into my mouth and ate what I consider moderate portions (by moderate I mean what I think a conscious person would eat). Tomorrow begins week #3 of c25k and to say that I’m a little intimidated is an under estimate of my feelings. I’m very intimidated. With my best attitude I will go to the track tomorrow and give it all my gusto.

I’m starting to get a lot more comments on people being motivated by my desire to make positive changes. It helps me to keep going. I want to move more. I want to weigh less. I want to succeed in making the right choices for me. Knowing that other people are now thinking about doing the same because I am putting it out there without shame (okay maybe a little shame) gives me the boost I need when I’m just not feeling like doing much of anything. So thank you to anyone who is moving a little more because of what I’m doing / writing / saying.

New running partner

Say hello to my new friend, Saucony Running shoes. My old sketchers just are not cutting it for me anymore so I spent some time over at South Sound Running¬†yesterday and this is the pair I left with. The staff (Emily helped me) was so friendly. I went in there and basically said I didn’t know the first thing about running shoes but I’ve recently started the c25k and need something more comfortable. She started out by having me wear a pair of “neutral” shoes and then watched me jog to see where I needed to have the most support. I over pronate (roll in) so she brought out 3 different pairs that have dense arch support around the shoe. These particular beauties have more cushion on the inside of the shoe so were my ultimate choice. Not to mention the hot red! When I put my sketchers back on I could immediately feel the difference between the two.

Today was really the first test. I took my dogs for a long walk (approximately 2.5 miles) and my feet are giving these shoes raving reviews. Hopefully these babies will take to a real 5k run! I feel so professional with my running pants and new shoes.

Almost like I belong!