Pre Race thoughts / changes

30 04 2011

Tomorrow is Race Day


I’m earning every fucking mile!

When I wake up tomorrow and begin to prepare for my half marathon I’m going to do so with a lot of soul searching. In light of recent events, I almost didn’t make it to this race. I almost gave in because of bad choices. I almost did not step up to the starting line.


I’ve been very quiet over the last 7 – 10 days. Not spending to much time on twitter or facebbook. Not  spending too much time trying to lay some words of wisdom down here on ALifeChangingJourney because I didn’t really feel I had any to offer. I’ve spent a lot of time looking inward and wondering if I had what it takes to get my shit together in time to do what I do best: Run.


That’s my number. Not only do I have what it takes to recognize when I need to get help. I reach out and get it. I ate my food, I stopped weighing myself, I earned my stickers and tonight I got to lay out my running gear…

I earned this race.

I earned the right to step up to the starting line. I earned the right to do what I love. I earned the right to cross over the finish line and know that when I do I’ve earned the right to move forward and beyond the choices of yesterday. Beyond the doubt and the fear. Beyond the self sabotaging. Beyond the hurtful words only spoken in my ears by the inner voice I still carry. I’ve earned the right to brush myself off, pat myself on the back and say: “Today I live to fight another day”…

It’s gonna be a great race!



Are a comin!

This site will be down for maintence

Starting Sunday night (*crossing fingers*)

And up When the time is right.


Are good…



7 responses

30 04 2011
Jules - Big Girl Bombshell

YES Changes are GOOD!

30 04 2011

Good luck and have fun tomorrow T! Can’t wait to see what changes you’ve got cookin!

30 04 2011

Have an awesome run tomorrow! You do deserve it!! I’ll be cheering you on from here!!

1 05 2011

Good for you, glad to see you working these things out

1 05 2011

You are so damn deserving it hurts.

2 05 2011

CAN NOT BELIEVE (ok.Ican.) how you ROCKED the RACE!!!

2 05 2011

Wishing you the best navigating these new waters 🙂

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