February 1st, 2010 248.2

1 02 2010

This is pretty freaking cool!

I know this guy. Not in real life. I know him virtually. His name is Tyler. Last year (January 2009) he looked at himself in the mirror one day and didn’t like what he saw. At 344 pounds he made a commitment to himself to lose weight. A year later (Jan 2010) he’s lost 125 so far and working hard to get down below 200. He’s got a blog¬† called 344 pounds and has some amazing stories to share.

I followed his journey for a little while (4 months so far) and about 5 weeks ago decided that I too didn’t like the way I looked any longer. I’ve always been a big girl and hid the weight well. Turning 40 was a big wake up call for me. Pretty soon all the things I want to try (or contemplating trying) will be out of my reach if I don’t make some drastic changes in my physical well being.¬† That being said, I too am now on a life style changing journey.

To say diet is to lie to myself. I am not on a diet. I am on a life changing mission. Eat less, move more! Period. Nothing more, nothing less. The last month has been a challenge in more ways than one but here I am at week number 5 and the picture up there is proof that something is working.

On December 29th I weighed 263 lbs.

Today I don’t.

December 29th I played World of Warcraft for hours at a time.

Today I’m repeating the first week of couch to 5k.

December 29th I was taking the elevator whenever possible .

Today I take the stairs.

December 29th I parked as close to whatever building I need to enter.

Today I park as far away as possible.

December 29th I was just a fat girl.

Today I’m a fat girl with a purpose!