4 02 2010

This is just about the only way I can express my c25k attempt today. After yesterdays emotional whatever-you-want-to-call-it, I really wanted to get out there and show myself that today was going to be a different day…

Oh how wrong I was.

A little background story: I live in what could be considered a white trash area. I admit my little home town of Tacoma WA is pretty much all about WWF wrestling, Monster Trucks, Bud light and a good ole romp though the mud in our 4 x 4 jacked up Ford Trucks.  With all this white trash goodness I call home I also find myself surrounded by dogs of all shapes and sizes. None of which actually seem to live inside the houses of which they inhabit.

I like to take my dogs out early in the morning to do my c25k. Over the past few weeks I’ve managed to lay down a route that is pretty much dogless to keep my mutts from barking and stopping at every opportunity.  Today about 1/2 way through my program (week one, day three first attempt for the second week) I come across a dog that decided to take an early morning stride away from his luxurious doghouse on the front porch of some rundown palm harbor home.  I diverted from my normal path…


Dog after dog came out to greet us.  It seemed that no matter where I turned there were 4 legged beasts coming out from everywhere. This does not make for easy management of 2 large leashed dogs that are tethered together (a least that splits off into two leashes). They pull, they jump, they bark and then move along wondering why my patience is growing thin.

When I finally did get us back to our normal route and ready to resume my c25k program (3 intervals in, 5 to go), my ipod shuffle ran out of juice.



and double @#!%$

I still have to walk home so at least I got some exercise. Music-less I walk home feeling defeated. I probably could have just run and walked intermittently but at some point you just have to let go and try to move on to the next thing.

Tomorrow will be my last week one run. I’ll take Saturday off and then begin week two of the c25k on Sunday. The first week of the program I ran everyday for two weeks to build stamina. Week two I will go down to 3 days a week. I’ll need to fill the other days with some sort cardio. I’ll probably just get on the treadmill and walk or box my way through some wii sports. Tax time will find me finally purchasing a wii fit (fingers crossed) and filling my off days with hula hooping, yoga and whatever else comes on that damn thing.