T-minus 6 days!!!

18 05 2010

Short post today. Then off to catch up on blogs. Six days left until race day!


Six days left. I’m trying not to think about it. Impossible. I’m thinking about it all the time right now. Is this normal? I feel like I should be making some major plans but right now I’m just worried I won’t wake up in time to drive to Seattle that morning.

Okay that’s not true I am making some major plans. I need to adjust my work out schedule for the rest of the week to give my legs a rest. The muscles along the shins are really sore…

Oh wait, here is a great opportunity for an anatomy lesson!! Okay so these little red delicious muscles are your Tibialis Anterior and today mine are super sore. I know why. I probably shouldn’t have run that super fast mile yesterday but I did. I had good reason. It helped clear up some frustrations and I needed that more than anything.

So now I need a game plan to help me recover. I’m going to modify my time in the gym for the rest of the week. No elliptical, no Arc trainer and as much as I hate to say it: no running for the rest of this week. I love that one mile run before each workout but unless I see some major improvement in the next 24 / 48 hours I’m putting a hold on it.

That being said, I am still going to the gym this week.  Tomorrow (Wednesday), Friday and Saturday I will swim to my heart’s content.  Thursday is Superman and he is aware of my upcoming run so upper body for that day.

So, any last minutes words of wisdom from my VBB(s) out there? Any advice on first run anxiety?

Speaking of Superman we had our session today.  I have to steal Seattlerunnergirl’s word in order to describe the 60 minutes I spent with him:


I lifted weights, I got to pick up and slam down a punching bag (yes the big one), I rolled around on the floor doing push-ups (girl push-ups) and leg lifts while he yelled “FRONT, BACK, GO, STOP and KEEP MOVING” at me, and I got to swing around on gymnast rings. A total party package if you ask me!


Muscle discovery / another challenge

14 04 2010

Today’s anatomy lesson is sponsored by the Letter “O” for Ouch!

These are my newest discovery. The Pectoralis Major. The reason they are my newest discovery? Because they are so sore I can’t barely stand it.

I think I may have pushed myself too hard during the swimming session yesterday. Add to that the Monday session with Superman and what we have here folks is the inability to get my messenger bag over my head, turn my steering wheel without wincing just a bit and finding it difficult to get my 1 liter water bottle up to my lips.

I am uncomfortable.

But I kicked ass yesterday during my swim (70 laps) and this morning during my run. I went back to the treadmill again to work on speed and consistency. I kept the pace at 4.3 (except during walking which was 3.5mph). I was sore in the beginning but after the first interval that all subsided and I just got down to running.

It was awesome.

I ran strong.

I looked strong.

I felt strong.

In the end I ran for a total of 40 minutes (with 3 one minute walking intervals) for 2.7 miles. I was exhausted but not feeling like I was going to throw up like before. I could have kept going but I really want to follow the podrunner schedule. I know I can do a 3.1 as proven last Sunday. I’m in no hurry to run like banshee so I’ll just get back to kickin ass in the old slow and steady fashion.

But enough of that, back to my complaining: I am sore. Tomorrow is my date with Superman so I’m hoping that I am seeing the worst of this today. I may have to give him some puppy dog eyes to go easy on me. Or I might just go up to him and say “What Would Optimus Prime Do Superman? You know what he’d do? He’d get back up from a serious beat down and throw the last punch, that’s what he would do…GAME ON!


I know I said Tony’s 60 minute challenge was going to be my first physical challenge but it seems I may have spoken too soon. My friend Ed over at Monday315 is doing his own challenge. You know the kind where you leave a comment and it’s one minute, become a fan and it’s another minute…

Well I was so tickled pink that he took this step, that I promised to match his minutes. He’s just now starting his workout (as I write this). Since I have Superman tomorrow, I won’t be able to match him until Friday, which if I am correct it’s something like 90ish minutes on the elliptical. It could be more but I won’t know the official number until later.

Anyone else want in on this? A little impromptu challenge? You and me in celebration of Ed?