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This is a work in progress (in other words: be patient)

Male Bloggers:

320 Never Again (Michael)

344 pounds (Tyler)

A Healthy Dad (Brandon) He also does A Shot on the Run (a runner’s photo blog)

Brad Gansberg (Brad)

Fat to Fit Diary (Vinny)

Fit with a Purpose (Seth)

JackSh*t,Gettin Fit (Jack)

Joe, The Runner (Joe)

Journey To Sanctification (Beej)

Keep It Up David (David)

Monday315 (Ed)

Moobiez (Chris)

My Awkward Existence (Chris)

Nerd Fitness (Steve)

No More Bacon (Ryan)

Slimmin Sam (Sam)

Stellar Path (Jeremy)

The Anti-Jared (Tony)

You Have a Blog (Joshua)


Female Bloggers:

A Deliberate Life (Chris)

A Journey of 26.2 miles begins with a Blog (Sharla)

A Merry Life (Mary)

Anonymous Fat Girl (Bobbie)

Are You Willing (Katie)

At The Starting Line (Josie)

Bella in LapBandLand (Bella)

Big Girl Bombshell (Jules)

Body By Pizza (Rachel)

Diary of A Fab Girl

Diary of Fat Woman (Joanna)

Endurance Isn’t Only Physical (Tricia)

Fight Fat Phobia (Tricia)

Fluffy Girl (Molly)

Half of Jess (Jess)

Hetty’s Hefty Adventure (Heather)

Jen In Real Life (Jen)

Jessi’s Blog (Jessi)

Leaving Fatville (Andy)

Life Off the D List (Misty)

Losing Half My Weight (Jayme)

Mel Gets Fit (Mel)

Mizfit Online (Carla)

Prior Fat Girl (Jen)

RedStar5 – A Work in Progress (Meegan)

Ring Around Rinn (Rinn)

Scale Warfare

Seattle Runner Girl (Valerie)

Sheesh (Merry)

Starting My 45th Year (Kelly)

The Great Fitness Experiment (Charl0tte)

Watch Sarah Shrink (Sarah)










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