c25k week one graduation!

5 02 2010

I woke up before my alarm again today. Nervous like it was the first day of school. Butterflies in my stomach. Thoughts rushing through my head. I quietly get up and put on my sweats, my favorite hoodie and my tennis shoes. I kiss my husband and ask him to take care of the dogs this morning because this is a personal journey and today I need to be alone. I greet Robert Ullrey on my ipod shuffle and quietly ask his to be nice to me this morning knowing I was really asking myself to be nice. It’s been a hard few days.

30 minutes later I’m officially a graduate of week one.





As soon as that last 60/90 interval was done I cried again. Not because I was upset or angry with myself. I was just plain old relieved that I could commit to something and finish until the end. As I walked my way back to the house, tired and out of breath I was saying out loud “You can do this. You can do this”…I realized this is the wrong mantra. Saying “you” is still not acknowledging that it was me doing the action. “I can do this. I can do this” started coming out of my mouth and I noticed something; my head was higher, my stride more confident and I started to feel good about preparing to move on to week two.

I came home (sweaty as all hell) and took my dogs for the walk they deserved for being patient while I kicked ass alone this morning!