Potential / Next Race / WWC update / Week in Review

11 06 2010

I was at the gym this morning when I saw this on the back of someone’s shirt:

Live your potential

My first thought was “Oh man that’s going to make a great blog theme”…My second thought was “what the hell does that mean?” I mean seriously, what does that mean? Do I even know what my potential is and if I did how do I measure the successes?

Right now I’m comparing what I used to do (eating my way to an all time high of 275 pounds and playing world of warcraft until my eyes went cross-eyed) to what I’m doing these days (losing the first half of the 100 pounds I’m leaving behind, running – and liking it, breaking a sweat on a daily basis, eating with a conscious, staying in the moment) and I wonder if that is what it means to live your potential.

I decided to turn to the all knowing Google and search “Live your potential” in hopes of finding some answers. But all I got was a load of crap mostly about starting your own at home business and some weird white powder food formula that promised me I could lose up to 14 pounds in 7 days…riiiiiight.

Hmmmm, let me check the images that Google has to offer:

Hi creepy dog.

Better, but what the hell does a lady bug have to do with potential?

Okay a little closer being I’m trying to become a runner.

Then I came across this little beauty:

There it is. Living to your potential means believing. Believe you can lose the weight. Believe you can get out of bed and make good choices. Believe that even when you don’t make the best choices in your journey you can start again at that very second. Believe you are worth every drop of sweat, every frustration, every fear and when you can’t seem to move forward believe in yourself and take a step. Believe you can run farther, faster, longer and stronger. Believe that when you fall down you will pick yourself up, dust yourself off and you will keep moving. Believe that even on those days that  seem the hardest they are easier than where you came from and you never need to return to your past. Believe that a goal is achievable no matter what it is if you break it down into smaller goals and continually strive to do you best no matter how many times it takes to succeed. Believe that every attempt is a success no matter the outcome. Believing = living your potential.

Are you living your potential?


Race day is tomorrow. EEEEEEK. 5k number two. It’s bigger. The course is more difficult. I’m bringing my husband. I’m not nearly as nervous since I kind of know what to expect. I’m wondering if I can do the entire 5k without walking? I’m wondering if that’s something I want to do? I’m wondering what my shirt will look like? I’m wondering if I should wear my Couch 2 5k shirt since this was supposed to be my first 5k and signing up for this event was so emotional (remember it took me 3 hours to register). I’m wondering what color socks to wear? I’m wondering how I’m going to feel on Sunday cause I really want to take my Vibrams out for spin in the real world and not just on the treadmill…

And that was all in the last 3 minutes.



I forgot to make an update on last week’s WWC that Jeremy so graciously hosted while Brandon was in NOLA. Here were my goals for last weekend:

1) Enjoy my vacation but be conscious at all times what I am putting in my mouth. I will look at everything I want to eat and ask myself the following question: Is this fuel to help or empty calories that hinder? If it hinders I must be absolutely okay with consuming.

2) Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate. Consume a gallon of water each day.

3) Get at least one hour of exercise in each day. I’m not sure what that means just yet but rumor has it I will have access to elliptical and treadmill.

4) Log all food.

I did pretty damn good.  I only had a minor hiccup for goal number one. In a moment of panic I purged some food but I’m only calling it a minor hiccup because it was an isolated incident and I don’t feel like it’s something I need to worry about.

Overall grade: B+

Lots of other Warriors participated in WWC. Go check them out:

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I’m not doing a week in review this week since I was just mostly on vacation. I’m doing my OWiS #24 tomorrow morning before the race if my scale hasn’t gone on the kaputz.

It’s going to be a good number.



Weekend Warrior Challenge

3 06 2010

That’s right folks, it’s the first of the month so it’s time to dust off your armor and come play with the big kids who are making some kick ass changes in their life and doing it together.

Brandon is out of town this weekend. We’re both out of town for the first time since starting this journey (which we started at the same time…does that make us New Journey Siblings – NJS?).

Jeremy is hosting June’s WWC here. Thanks for hosting Jeremy!!

Here are my goals:

1) Enjoy my vacation but be conscious at all times what I am putting in my mouth. I will look at everything I want to eat and ask myself the following question: Is this fuel to help or empty calories that hinder? If it hinders I must be absolutely okay with consuming.

2) Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate. Consume a gallon of water each day.

3) Get at least one hour of exercise in each day. I’m not sure what that means just yet but rumor has it I will have access to elliptical and treadmill.

4) Log all food.


Friday Wrap Up / And ohhhh a yoga mat

30 04 2010

It’s that time of the week again folks. The time where I review the last seven days in preparation for OWiS #18. I do this to help me remember this journey isn’t about numbers but about becoming a healthier me. It’s also about taking control of my life and moving closer to what I was born to be; an athlete.

However, I am soooo close to 219 that this particular weigh-in is pretty much about the number. My calorie intake has been impressive (as per Superman).  My work outs have been intense (Minus Monday of course) and  I would like nothing more than to say goodbye to my 220’s  tomorrow morning. If not, it’s okay. I just keep my head down and keep moving. I am moving in the right direction and that my friends is the point of this journey.

Let’s get started

Saturday / Sunday – I declared these two days “NO GYM” days. Saturday I had some pent-up energy from sitting in a workshop all day so I ran up 10 flights of stairs. Sunday I decided to forego using a running program any longer. I felt constricted and needed to find the freedom to decide what worked for me. I took my run back to the streets and SHAZAM, I ran 5.5 miles!

Monday – I shared some personal information about my DISLIKE for change and my workout suffered because of it.

TuesdaySuperman proved himself to me once again. I learned a new mathematical equation (craptastic Monday = fantastic Tuesday) and I rocked it on the elliptical for an hour! I also pledged to run a real 5k (May 23rd) three weeks before my original 5k  (June 12) because Tony asked me too.

Wednesday – I officially became a Weekend Warrior. To celebrate I swam a mile. I went a little extra on this WWC and incorporated 25 other people to join me. William Wallace would be proud.

Thursday – I think I upped my game with Superman and for that I am tickled pink. Not only am I tickled pink, but I’m also painted blue for the upcoming WWC!

Friday – That leads us to today…I had a fantastic run!! I ran for 3.1 miles of which I only walked once for 45 seconds. This is a massive improvement over what I have been doing.  I ran 2.5 miles before walking…5 months ago I couldn’t run a block.  Then I swam a mile and I’ve been pooped ever since 🙂

Looking back over April, it’s been a very cool month. I ran almost 30 miles and swam the equivalent of 8.7 miles. I lost a total of 10.4 pounds (which is the second highest loss since starting this journey). I am looking forward to what May brings (besides the flowers) and I think the WWC is a great way to get started.

Tomorrow is another NO GYM day but I’m taking it one step further and declaring it a rest day. My husband and I have not had a day off together in over 4 weeks and I’m not about to waste this one sweating at the gym. I’ll weigh in, go back to bed and then enjoy the day with the man I love.


I won my very first giveaway!

My VBB Jeremy over at Stellar Path won a really cool yoga mat from a previous giveaway and liked it so much he contacted the company to see if they would be willing to sponsor another giveaway on his blog. They agreed and I am the lucky recipient. The company is called Aurorae Yoga and the reviews from Jeremy are stellar (pun intended)! I’m really excited. There is a Sunday Yoga class at my gym that I’ve been too intimidated to go too but this is just the ticket to get me into that class.

I went with the Solar color.

I’m going to have to start thinking of my own giveaway here. I’m thinking bubbalicious and some old rubber bands….Hmmm, I better keep thinking.

See you all in the morning!

Preparing for WWC…

29 04 2010

I’m am super stoked about my first WWC weekend coming up.  Here’s a recap of my 3 goals for this challenge:

  • Drink a gallon of Water Saturday and Sunday.
  • 70 sit-ups on the bosu ball at gym at one time.
  • Swim 90 laps.

I’ve put the challenge out to other folks (both IRL and VBB) and so far have I have 15 people signed up. In order to prepare for the challenge I have to get in the right frame of mind…

The theme is based on Braveheart and while it would be fantastic to yell in my best William Wallace voice “Go back to England and tell them there that Scotland’s daughters and her sons are yours no more. Tell them Scotland is free.” and then jump in the pool and swim 90 laps, I’m pretty sure it won’t happen.

Hmmmm, or maybe it will.

But just in case, I’ve got to do something that will keep me going during those damn bosu ball sit-ups and pushing past lap # 70. I need something to look at and say to myself “I AM A WARRIOR and I will not be defeated this weekend”.

The coolest thing happened while painting my toenails (which btw I have no clue how to do. Seriously there was no girly stuff in my house growing up). I started to visualize my success. I saw myself doing all 70 sit-ups and swimming 90 laps. I saw myself tired, sweaty and moving slow but still moving in a forward fashion. As silly as it sounds I feel like I am preparing for battle and if I go down, it will be in a blaze of beautiful glory.


There are a lot of thoughts going through my head at the moment and I’m having a hard time organizing them into some meaningful post that will not only inspire me to get out there and make a difference in my life but also the lives of those that read what I put on these pages.

Thought #1. I had a great session with Superman today. It was our first official weigh in since we starting back in March. The first time we met I weighed (with clothes) 236. Today I weighed in at 224. He actually used the word “impressive”…well shoot doesn’t that just make a girl want to break a sweat?

Which I did.

He worked my upper body something fierce. I think he knows I’m not playing around on this LCJ and is really starting to push me. Not in a bad way, just in a “gimme me two more” kind of way. I am relatively low on the weight baring but everyday I am getting stronger and everyday I am digging deeper to push past the “I can’t(s)”. At the end of our session he high fived me and said “Awesome”.

It doesn’t take much people.

Thought #2 – Tomorrow I have some extra time before school and going to use that get in a run and a swim. My focus will be to run that 3.1 mile course by the gym without stopping. I will run with a purpose and that purpose is to kick off my WWC weekend with a run that would make William Wallace proud. If I feel like walking, I’ll just think about my pretty toes!

Thought #3 – I need a reward. I’ve worked my ass off the last two weeks and not really given myself anything substantial that says “Thanks for all the hard work”. I’m going to go to BR and get me a scoop of Pralines n’ Cream this weekend.  I’m not too worried about the calories since in addition to tomorrow’s workout and WWC, I’m also doing a practice walk with some friends to get ready for the upcoming half-marathon walk on May 16th. My problem isn’t really with food cause I love eating healthier. My problem is allowing myself some recognition for the work being put into this journey.

Thought #4 I am officially signed up for two 5k(s) and a half marathon walk coming up in the next month or so. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d do this. Seriously. I was the epitome of “I’ll never” and “I can’t” but reading all of your  blogs and talking to people on CalorieKing has really helped open my eyes to “I will” and “Watch this”!

Thought #5 I’m going to spend the day with my husband on Saturday. I’ve missed him something horrible. His work has been chaotic  and I’ve not seen him much over the last three weeks.  I’m going to hold his hand allllll day!

What are your thoughts?

My first Weekend Warrior Challenge!

28 04 2010

This is a short post cause I seriously need to catch up on the blogs out there…so many bloggers so little time!

My virtual blogging buddy (hence forth known as VBB), Brandon (So Long, Fat Ass)  is doing another installment of Weekend Warrior Challenge. I’ve watched quite a few of these events come and go and have decided this is my weekend to get my feet wet (pun intended…keep reading).

The idea behind WWC is to make some clear and definite goals that will be attempted during the upcoming weekend.  I’ve decided to go with three:

  • Drink a gallon of Water Saturday and Sunday. I do really well during the week but I often fail miserably during the weekend.
  • 70 sit-ups on the bosu ball at gym at one time. I can do 50 but can I do 70 in one sitting? BUAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!
  • Swim 90 laps. I’ve been really wanting to push myself past the 1 mile mark for swimming and this is a great opportunity!

The theme for this weekend’s WWC is Braveheart. I’d probably get arrested if I tried to get into the gym with my face painted blue so in true warrior fashion I’m going to paint my toenails blue!!!

What’s you Weekend Warrior Challenge?