144 Heartbeats per minute and perfecting my farmer’s blow.

9 02 2010

I did two things this morning: c25k Week two day two and walked my dogs. I did not do these things together as I have since learned my lesson and am now making time to do them separately.  Here’s my time line:

7:00a – alarm goes off

7:10a – dogs let out for bathroom stuff, sweats / hoodie on and ready to go

7:20a – on the track. It’s quiet. Only one other person on the track and it’s an old person so I know I’m gonna pass them at least once and feel good about it!!! First heart rate reading = 110

7:51a – Done! Week two day two is complete. I didn’t get to pass the old person on the track because they left before I even got a chance to do my first interval…I really wanted to pass them but I guess their need to get back to whatever old people do at 7:15a was greater…NEXT TIME OLD MAN! Last heart rate reading = 144!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:00a – Home and right back out the door to walk the dogs for 45 minutes.

For a recap – I exercised today for a total of 75 minutes!

The lowball estimate for calories burned (walking at 2 mph x 75 min) = 389

Highball estimate (walking at 3 mph x 75 min) = 611

I need to perfect my farmer’s blow. Urban dictionary says the following about the action : The process of plugging one nostril, and blowing air out of the other, in order to shoot out mucus. In order to make this technique successful, you must use great force, otherwise you will just look retarded when you have one nostril covered in snot and are breathing heavily in front of your friends.

I mainly just get it all over my sleeve trying to clean up after my farmer’s blow disaster.