The picture says it all…

3 02 2010

This is what I looked like  during my couch to 5k run / walk this morning. I’m not sure what happen but it went down something like this:

I got up this morning at 7am ( a little cranky from watching the season premier of  LOST) and promptly got on the computer. The excuse I used this morning was that my sweats and favorite hoodie needed to go through the dryer before I could do any sort of workout.  That gave me at least 40 minutes of facebook time. The second I got on the computer I could feel the wheels turning on how to talk myself out of doing the day’s c25k.

The dryer went off 40 minutes later and there I am still in the chair.

An hour after I get up (and 20 minutes after the dryer let me know it was time) I’ve finally gotten dressed and decided to do my run/walk on the treadmill because of the rain. 5 minute warm up goes well. First 60 / 90 interval goes well. Second interval goes fine but then I started to get hella emotional. My legs hurt, I’m sweating, and I just want to be back in bed. I’m mad at myself for weighing 249 lbs and finding it hard to accept that a 60 second jog is difficult task for me.

Interval 3 and 4 I cry like a baby ( trying to be quiet because my husband is still sleeping ). Interval 5 I get back to business. I’m still emotional but now I just want to prove to myself I can do this. I may be 249 pounds today but today is just 24 hours.

Dinner tonight is a foot long black forest ham from subway. I love subway and will enjoy every bite.