The post that wasn’t

25 05 2010

Catching up on blogs today but wanted to give you a head’s up to come back tomorrow. I’ll be posting the official “National Run Day” Challenge for June 2nd.

Val (SeattleRunnerGirl) and I are co-hosting this event. We each put together a giveaway. That’s right people, you have the opportunity to not only win one awesome giveaway, but you can win two!!!!!

Cause we’re awesometastic like that!

See you tomorrow!


Craptastic Monday = Fantastic Tuesday!

27 04 2010

Whew, I am so happy to have Monday over.

There was no major fallout from yesterday’s change in plans but it can be exhausting to recover. I often have some sort of emotional melt down when not prepared for changes (which I did but it was only for a few minutes), then I spend a few hours wondering why I had that melt down (which is usually followed by some emotional beat down). Once recovered,  I spent the rest of the day just moving a little more slower to keep myself in check.

Another day done…

I woke up in my usual fashion this morning and set about getting the day started. I thought about how to approach Superman and explain about needing some sort of warning if he needed to cancel our appointments, without divulging to much information about myself (“Oh hi Superman, so listen Monday = Superman…Monday =/= impromptu workout…say it with me Monday = Superman“). He was at the front desk when I walked in. First thing he says: “I tried to call you yesterday“.


You did?

He may have seen the look of disbelief on my face cause he pulled out his phone to show me that my number was indeed on his call log for early yesterday morning…Oh wait Superman, let me look at that again….


He did in fact try to call me and tell me that he couldn’t come in. While he had the right phone number, he didn’t have the correct area code. I still have my Seattle area code attached to my number. So he dialed (253) instead of (206). It was damn near the best news I could have heard. Not only did I not need to explain anything about me, but now I know he will call without having to ask him.

Superman = KICK ASS!

He said he was super sorry. I played like it was no big deal (cause I’m cool like that). In my most humorous fashion I said:

Too bad you didn’t come in yesterday cause I was gonna have a bad ass weigh in. Instead I went home and ate 20 pounds of food just to make you work harder

I finished what I came to do at the gym (leave some of my old self behind in the form of sweating on the elliptical) and then need to make appointments for next week (Monday and Thursday of course). I can’t find him so I call and leave him a message. I say he can either leave a message or send me a text (this was a little test to see if he was technologically savvy) letting me know he put me in the books. In my phone contacts I don’t have him listed under his real name

A few minutes later I get this: ” Superman – You’re in 4 next week”. Because seriously people who doesn’t like getting texts from Superman?


Leave it to Tony over at “The Anti-Jared” to come up with another challenge I can’t resist. He’s setting forth the virtual  RoniTony 5k for kids walk on May 23rd.  Donations are being accepted for the Action for Healthy Kids program but not required to participate. What is required? You just promise to walk a 5k that day. Simple!

What’s great about this is my friend Elizabeth has asked me a few days ago if I wanted to participate in the Great Kilted Run coming up in May. I was a little nervous with walking a half marathon that month that I hadn’t yet committed. After Tony put out his challenge I went back to check the date of the kilted run….MAY 23RD!!!

It’s like divine intervention.

My first 5k was slated for June 12th but now it’s been bumped up to May 23rd. If I play my cards right there might be one even sooner…

Muscle discovery / another challenge

14 04 2010

Today’s anatomy lesson is sponsored by the Letter “O” for Ouch!

These are my newest discovery. The Pectoralis Major. The reason they are my newest discovery? Because they are so sore I can’t barely stand it.

I think I may have pushed myself too hard during the swimming session yesterday. Add to that the Monday session with Superman and what we have here folks is the inability to get my messenger bag over my head, turn my steering wheel without wincing just a bit and finding it difficult to get my 1 liter water bottle up to my lips.

I am uncomfortable.

But I kicked ass yesterday during my swim (70 laps) and this morning during my run. I went back to the treadmill again to work on speed and consistency. I kept the pace at 4.3 (except during walking which was 3.5mph). I was sore in the beginning but after the first interval that all subsided and I just got down to running.

It was awesome.

I ran strong.

I looked strong.

I felt strong.

In the end I ran for a total of 40 minutes (with 3 one minute walking intervals) for 2.7 miles. I was exhausted but not feeling like I was going to throw up like before. I could have kept going but I really want to follow the podrunner schedule. I know I can do a 3.1 as proven last Sunday. I’m in no hurry to run like banshee so I’ll just get back to kickin ass in the old slow and steady fashion.

But enough of that, back to my complaining: I am sore. Tomorrow is my date with Superman so I’m hoping that I am seeing the worst of this today. I may have to give him some puppy dog eyes to go easy on me. Or I might just go up to him and say “What Would Optimus Prime Do Superman? You know what he’d do? He’d get back up from a serious beat down and throw the last punch, that’s what he would do…GAME ON!


I know I said Tony’s 60 minute challenge was going to be my first physical challenge but it seems I may have spoken too soon. My friend Ed over at Monday315 is doing his own challenge. You know the kind where you leave a comment and it’s one minute, become a fan and it’s another minute…

Well I was so tickled pink that he took this step, that I promised to match his minutes. He’s just now starting his workout (as I write this). Since I have Superman tomorrow, I won’t be able to match him until Friday, which if I am correct it’s something like 90ish minutes on the elliptical. It could be more but I won’t know the official number until later.

Anyone else want in on this? A little impromptu challenge? You and me in celebration of Ed?

Treadmill take 2 / my first challenge / then and now…

8 04 2010

The weather has been relentless in these parts. Downpours, 50 mph winds, and 40 degree temperatures do not make for good running conditions for a newbie like me.

This morning was no exception. I don’t want to put off running just because of the weather so today I took a deep breath and made a second date with the treadmill. As you recall from this post I don’t much like the treadmill or as what many of you have referred to as the dreadmill.

However, I do like to run so my adversity to the dreadmill was overpowered by my desire to run. On my way to the gym at 6am this morning I made some pretty important decisions about how this run was going to go:

  • I was going to keep the running portion above 4.0 mph. The last time I ran some of it around 3.7. Today that would not happen.
  • I would get past the 2.5 mile mark even if it was 2.52 I didn’t care.
  • I would not be grabbing any bars while running.
  • I would only look at my feet / face while running and if I did happen to look at the other parts of my body I would say something nice.

All in all, while it wasn’t the rainbows and butterflies I was hoping for, it went much better this time. The towel to hide the panel didn’t come off once so I never had to watch the time (except to slow the speed down for walking intervals and then back up to running speed). I managed to “zone off” quite a few times and forget that I was in the gym, in front of the mirror and in front of other people. I never once thought negatively about my body and in fact marveled in the fact that I looked like a real runner (as if I know what that means). I looked strong. I felt strong. I ran strong.

Not only did I run at 4.0 mph consistently, I upped it at each interval (8 minute run/1 minute walk). First interval = 4.0, second interval = 4.3, third interval 4.4, fourth interval = 4.6!!!. At this point I start to feel like I’m going to throw up but I hadn’t quite reached the 2.5 mile mark. I made some decisions before the run and I aimed to follow through.

I was tired.

My face was beet red.

I had pushed myself to the end.

The podrunner had instructed me to start my 5 minute cooldown.

I wanted to get passed the 2.5 mark.

I ran the cooldown.

I got to 2.81.

(the time 19.20 what was left out of 59.29)

Not only did I pass 2.5 but I ran for 40 minutes (with four 1 minute walking intervals. That’s pretty bad ass in my book!!! I took some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Post run hairdo

Post run ballcap.


I’ve signed up for my first physical challenge.  I’m currently doing a challenge put on by SeattleRunnerGirl but this 21 day challenge is about implementing a healthy habit whether it be physical or mental. My 21 day challenge is to pack my gym bag and food the night before. So far so good.

My first physical challenged is put on by Tony over at The Anti-Jared. He’s in cohorts with Jen over at Prior Fat Girl to get 500 people signed up to exercise for 60 minutes on April 20th. If they do, they will each donate $250 to the YMCA Activate America program. I had already signed up to do the challenge and then Tony added that he has 2 polar FT7 heart monitors he’s going to be giving away so now it’s even more appealing 🙂

I committed to 60 minutes on the elliptical. There’s still time to sign up (hint hint). Yes, the more that sign up the lower my chances of winning one of the heart monitors but I’d rather work out with you for an hour than win that monitor.


I took a picture back in December of 2009. I tried to recreate that picture today so I could get a side by side shot of what my face looks like three months later.

I even tried to recreate the emptiness the December picture shows. My December face looks so puffy and uncomfortable. Everything about my December picture just looks wrong. I look at it and it doesn’t even seem like it’s a picture of me.  I see some pretty big changes here. I then took another picture. One that wasn’t such a Debbie Downer…












That’s more like it!