My new music list

18 04 2010

I’ve just spent the last 90 minutes going through my cd’s to get some new music on my ipod shuffle. Here’s what I’ve got…

I can’t wait to put this music to work in about 30 minutes!


Am I running too slow?

15 03 2010

What an interesting question to ponder.

Am I running too slow?

Today I diverged from my usual running spots (water front and the park) and ran on of the routes I normally walk my dogs. This way I could map it on gmap-pedometer and get a rough estimate on my speed. Last Friday I ran the track during my first 25 minute trial and it put me at about 1.5 miles but there was so much wind and rain that I didn’t really trust that to be accurate. So today I took it too the streets.

After calculations from gmap, it says I ran 1.75 miles in 25 minutes. That equates to 4.2 mph. That puts me at about a 15 minute  mile. Is that slow? Or is that pretty normal for someone who has never run before in their adult life.  I know over time (with practice) it will get faster but today I just feel like it’s too damn slow.

I felt a little frustrated and a little over exposed because I ran on a main street and with today being Monday, it was pretty dang busy. It also didn’t help that my normal podcast (Robert Ullrey) seems to be on the fritz at the iTunes store and I had to improvise with a new podcast. I found some other “podcasts” that I liked on personal weblogs but am too technologically inept that I couldn’t figure out how to move them from my pc to my ipod…

So my choices from the iTunes store was some mash up of techno or Indie Christian. I chose to go with the techno as I believe Indie Christian is both an oxy-moron and just not something I can get into. So Techno it was and it did the job just fine but I missed Robert’s voice for sure.

As an extra added bonus I took my dogs on the same route I ran, I pulled out my new jump rope (black and red just like when I was a kid) and did 100 jumps (25 reps x 4), worked on the Wii for 50 minutes for a total of about 700 calories burned.

Now to just figure out how to eat those back!

Weekend recap, library visits and hello there 246!

8 02 2010

Hello there 246: That’s right the scale said 246 this morning.  I’ve officially picked a weigh in date (Saturdays) but have a hard time not checking everyday.  I know it’s not good for me to check everyday because it can lead to some serious heartache. Today was not that kind of day.  When I got on the scale this morning I was pleasantly surprised by the number 246. That brings me up to a 17 pound weight loss since starting this journey at the end of December. I won’t be making this my official weight since it is only Monday but it was a nice pat on the back.

Weekend recap: This portion of the entry needs a picture…

Though I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that outfit that was me this past Sunday. It wasn’t pretty but I’ll be damn if I didn’t finish the 2nd week day one of the couch to 5k program. I was so nervous to get up and out of bed Sunday morning. I’d been out the night before (I’m a sucker for the UFC fights at my local bar) and while I did count my calories all day Saturday and took the dogs on a long long loooooong walk to help combat bar food calories I had 2 kamikazi drinks (and since I know the bartender it was more like 4) and a chicken burger…fries jumped in my mouth during a really good fight but I managed to keep them at a minimum. That being said I was a little groggy Sunday morning. Nothing says stay in bed like a “greasy food, alcohol induced” hangover. Add to that feeling scared about adding an additional 30 seconds of running to my already “this is too hard” attitude.

However I made a commitment to myself.

I chose to go to the community college near by for it’s track. During my 5 minute warm up I gave myself a little pep talk and then just got down to doing the six intervals (90 sec running / 2 minute walking). Then it was over.  It wasn’t as easy as I had hoped it would be but not as hard either. So that was Sunday. My next attempt will Tuesday (tomorrow). I really liked the track so I think I’ll go back up there early in the morning before any classes begin.

Library visits: Because I am going to be sticking to a running only 3 x a week regimen I need to fill my “off” days with something else. I’ve put a reservation payment on the Wii fit but it’s not due to arrive until the end of this month. I thought I’d check out my local library to see what they have to offer. I was surprised to find such an array of dvd(s) I had to pick from. I renewed my library card and left there with the following dvd(s).

  • The biggest winner! How to win by losing. The complete body workout. (Jillian Michaels)
  • The biggest loser, the workout. Power sculpting
  • Fat-burning kickboxing workout for dummies.

I have these for exactly 7 days.  I can’t renew them (I guess there are a lot of us poor fat people out there) so I’ll give them a try to fill in time between runs and until my Wii fit gets here. I also walked out with some good music to put on my ipod shuffle for those early morning dog walks.


4 02 2010

This is just about the only way I can express my c25k attempt today. After yesterdays emotional whatever-you-want-to-call-it, I really wanted to get out there and show myself that today was going to be a different day…

Oh how wrong I was.

A little background story: I live in what could be considered a white trash area. I admit my little home town of Tacoma WA is pretty much all about WWF wrestling, Monster Trucks, Bud light and a good ole romp though the mud in our 4 x 4 jacked up Ford Trucks.  With all this white trash goodness I call home I also find myself surrounded by dogs of all shapes and sizes. None of which actually seem to live inside the houses of which they inhabit.

I like to take my dogs out early in the morning to do my c25k. Over the past few weeks I’ve managed to lay down a route that is pretty much dogless to keep my mutts from barking and stopping at every opportunity.  Today about 1/2 way through my program (week one, day three first attempt for the second week) I come across a dog that decided to take an early morning stride away from his luxurious doghouse on the front porch of some rundown palm harbor home.  I diverted from my normal path…


Dog after dog came out to greet us.  It seemed that no matter where I turned there were 4 legged beasts coming out from everywhere. This does not make for easy management of 2 large leashed dogs that are tethered together (a least that splits off into two leashes). They pull, they jump, they bark and then move along wondering why my patience is growing thin.

When I finally did get us back to our normal route and ready to resume my c25k program (3 intervals in, 5 to go), my ipod shuffle ran out of juice.



and double @#!%$

I still have to walk home so at least I got some exercise. Music-less I walk home feeling defeated. I probably could have just run and walked intermittently but at some point you just have to let go and try to move on to the next thing.

Tomorrow will be my last week one run. I’ll take Saturday off and then begin week two of the c25k on Sunday. The first week of the program I ran everyday for two weeks to build stamina. Week two I will go down to 3 days a week. I’ll need to fill the other days with some sort cardio. I’ll probably just get on the treadmill and walk or box my way through some wii sports. Tax time will find me finally purchasing a wii fit (fingers crossed) and filling my off days with hula hooping, yoga and whatever else comes on that damn thing.