Watch the Bullets Fly…

1 04 2011

Okay not the gun kind of bullets.

Though that would be kind of gangsta like!

This is not a post of life changing proportions. This is not a post that you’re going to come away feeling like you can go out there and change the world one bite at a time. This is just a catch up post. A bulleted post. Once of my favorite kinds…

  • As I write this a very good friend of mine is on a plane. Meegan (redstar5) is currently somewhere up in the air coming to the Vancouver BC area. We’ve never met in person. We been in contact for some time now having “met” via blogs / twitter but never once had the pleasure of hugging or high fiving each other after a job well done. That’s about to change. In a few short hours, Val (SeattleRunnerGirl) and I are going to hop in the car and drive north to spend the weekend together with Meegan and for the first time in over a year I’ll finally be able to hug her and say thanks in person. One of the coolest things about making my weight loss journey public is I’ve met some incredible people along the way. Something even cooler is meeting those people in person and being given the opportunity to say thanks for all you’ve done for me…
  • I wanted to make a big post about getting to my third and final weight loss goal. When I started out on this LCJ I set my first big weight loss goal as 170. It was the higher end of the spectrum of where doctors would consider a “normal” weight. I did what most of us do when we decide to lose weight and don’t know how much to lose: I googled it. So I shot for 170. Once I hit that Godfather said we could definitely go for 160…so I did. It would take a long time (4 months) and all the while I was getting closer, he said if you’re going to go for 160….you should set your sights on 155. I had a hard enough time wrapping my brain around 160 that having a weight in the 150’s range seemed ludicrous….That was until I saw my number drop to 159 for the first time at the beginning of this month. Then I thought maybe I could…


  • I’m not sure if my body will naturally shed more pounds. I stopped counting calories a long time ago and haven’t really changed anything in my work outs that would warrant additional weight loss. The only thing that’s changed over the last couple of months is my running distances and I suspect that as the days get warmer my mileage will get longer…will the number continue to drop? It may be time to see a nutritionist and make sure I’m eating enough of the proper foods to keep me where I’m at right now cause baby 155 feels fantastic!
  • An update on my #100daychipquest challenge. It’s been 9 days without coffee (not so bad), 9 days of not eating out of pots/pans while cooking (a little tougher), 9 days of mindful prayer (absolutely awesome) and 9 days of being vigilant in throwing away some food each time I eat (fuuuuuuuuuck). It’s been excruciatingly painful tough but so far so good. I won’t go too much into it because there is a longer post about it somewhere in my brain but just know that this is bringing up some pretty intense feelings for me and in those feelings some great learning opportunities.
  • In general, life is good. There are days when I’m up and days when I’m down. Days when things go just as I planned and days that go awry. Days where I feel like I can do whatever I set my mind too and days where I’m lucky I can remember to put on clean underwear. But at the end of each of these days I have survived without too much damage and that my friends is the point of this Life Changing Journey…






3 responses

1 04 2011

Great Job you are a real inspiration of what persistence can do!

1 04 2011

It was great catching up! Enjoy your blogger meetup! Living on the other side of the world, I get very envious when bloggers get to meet…

1 04 2011

Tara – Thanks for the continued inspiration and support. I’m a big fan of bullets to, I’m definitely a “list girl”…it feels so good to write stuff down just to remind ourselves and others of what’s been accomplished or needs to be done.

GOOD JOB! Have a BLAST with your blogging buddies!

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