Beginning anew…

22 03 2011

So I have this friend. You’ve heard me mention him before. He’s the brainchild behind the hashtags #7daychip #30daychip and even the #100daychip. It’s been quite the feat to earn the three #7daychip(s) and I’ve yet to make it to the #30daychip mark (though as of today I am on day number 20 and I am more than tickled pink to have gotten this far).

However, just the other day Brad put out a little challenge (and if you know me you know I love a good challenge) of stepping up to the starting line and instead of focusing on getting to the seven day mark and then working towards the thirty day mark, why not just set your sights high and embark on the illustrious ONE HUNDRED DAY CHIP…


Yhea, why not?

So I’m tossing my 20 days aside and stepping back up to the starting line. But here’s the kicker: I’m adding some new goals. My main goals for this last trip towards my first 30 day chip were to combat the negative thoughts that commonly run through my head, to thank my food and to eat mindfully. These are all great goals to have and the last twenty days have shown me that I am capable of doing them all. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch…

My #100daychip goals

1. Consciously throw some food away at each meal

2. No eating out of pans/dishes before/during a meal

3. Take time to pray everyday.

4. NO COFFEE! (64 oz of water everyday)

Let me break each of them down for you (and really for me).

1) Every time I eat a meal or snack on something I am going to allow food to be taken away from me (like at a restaurant) or consciously throw food away. I don’t care if it’s just one bite it will be thrown away. I need to understand that eating out of panic isn’t going to solve my problems. Sitting with the panic and knowing after a few (hundred) times that the world hasn’t ended and food is still available to me is what is going to solve the problem.

2) I eat out of pans/dishes even when my plate is full of food. This is unacceptable. Wait, let me rephrase that: it is acceptable for other people. However, I do it for all the wrong reasons. I fill my plate with food and then I return to the kitchen (“hey I’m gonna get a drink of water”) knowing full well I’m going to eat out of the pans/dishes. I’m panicking. What if someone else comes in and puts more food on their plate, then there won’t be any left for me so let me just solve that by stuffing my face with as much food as possible before returning to my plate….You see how this is unacceptable right? I’m not eating out of them to taste something (needs more spice yadda yadda yadda), I’m doing it purely out of panic and purely without being mindful. I’ve usually eaten enough food before I actually dig into what’s on my plate that I’m sort of full but then I “clean my plate” because…well you know “What if”…

3) I’m gonna start praying everyday. Probably don’t need to explain that one. Quiet time between me and GOD has been super helpful and comforting so why not make it a habit.

4) Yep, I went there. NO COFFEE! Don’t ask me why. It just feels right. My coffee consumption has been getting a little out of control. When I drink coffee I don’t drink water. This is not cool. It’s kind of like lent but instead of for baby jesus, it’s purely for me. Tea is fine (I’m not that crazy people!)

So there you have it. My goals for the #100daychipquest. I officially start tomorrow (March 22nd) and will cross that finish line with those of us that are banding together. Maybe you should think about what you want to change over the course of the next 100 days….

We’ll be right there with you!




10 responses

22 03 2011
Foodie McBody

I love your goals because they are so specific and so uniquely YOU and the things you know challenge you. I really admire that. I am going to have to think about mine. I am on Day25 (!!) of my chipdom now and if I start #100daychipchallenge does that mean I go back to day 1? Or can I add on to the 25? (so close to 30!!!!!!!!!!!)

But really, as ALWAYS you have me thinking deeply about the things I need to face.

22 03 2011
Mary (A Merry Life)

You can totally do it.

22 03 2011

I know you can do it Tara! If anyone can, it’s you!

23 03 2011

I thought it was only me that did the eating out of pans and dishes thing!

My goal for the #100dayquest is to be accountable for everything I eat. In other words, no sneaking food.

I love your goals! Good luck!

23 03 2011
Laura (akaWonderWife)

Oh My God… No Coffee?! You are a brave woman! Seriously though, those are great goals so let’s rock this!

23 03 2011

I have no doubt that you have it within you to do this. Great goals, T!

23 03 2011
Jodi I.

I can soooo relate to you and I’ve decided I need my own list!!!

24 03 2011
Patrick Hitches

Beautiful! Tara, this is so beautiful!! Get after it each day and make this happen… Not sure if I could do the “NO COFFEE” thing, but more power to ya!! haha

Rock on!

Patrick Hitches

24 03 2011

I give you a lot of credit for having no coffee on your list. It’s not something I could do. Good luck in the #100DayChipQuest!

25 03 2011

Wow, no coffee? You are a tough cookie! And I remember you saying the other day that you get up at 3:30 AM. Nuts!
You have some ambitious goals, I like it!

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