My First Guest Blogger…

28 02 2011

I’ve been blogging now for over a year. It’s pretty awesome to be able to put down emotions and feelings on a constant basis and know that it’s helping to save your own life. It’s another to know it’s also helping to save the life of those around you. I’ve had the fortunate and humbling  opportunity to Guest Post for some amazing people (Mizfit, SeattleRunnerGirl, BradGansberg, HalfofJess, StellarPath) and yet I’ve never thought about having someone guest post for me…

Because I never thought I was worthy enough.

I mean I guess I felt that my words were important for other people and I’ve always felt a twinge of “but you know it’s me you’re asking to guest post for you right?” but to have someone put THEIR words on my blog…well that means my blog means something to enough people that I can start asking other people to come here and lay their words of wisdom on all of us.

This is my first Guest Blogger Post!

Brad Gansberg and I haven’t known each other very long. We’ve never met face to face. We’ve only spoken in a limit of 140 characters. You can’t say too much in 140 characters but Brad has started a movement on Twitter that can only be described as awe-inspiring. He is the mastermind behind #7daychip / #30daychip. What began as a small group of people supporting each other as we battle whatever demons happen to be on our shoulders day in and day out, has become nothing short of phenomenal. Everyday the numbers grow as we band together and move forward to taking control of our lives…

One day at a time.

He’s a quiet man. But don’t be fooled. He is powerful in his words, his actions and above all his ability to bring people together, because he knows it is in the people of #7daychip that we all succeed.

Thanks Brad!

Interested in learning more about the #7daychip movement?

Start Here

Because like the question poses…

What have YOU got to lose?






5 responses

28 02 2011

Hi Brad, I know what you mean. It’s taken me about 10 years to go vegan!

I follow this step-by-step method with my exercise program and it makes all the difference. For instance, there’s a class that I’m keen on taking, but I know that I have a few steps in between before I’ll get there… So rather than sign up now and finding out that I can’t keep up, I will commit to getting fitter first.

I love the #7daychip idea! Will definitely follow you on twitter.

28 02 2011
Kenlie Tiggeman

I respect the hell out of Brad, and you’re right..he has created a small sensation with the #7daychip that I know is going to continue growing. I’m chasing my #100daychip, and I feel pretty lucky to be is the company of such inspiring people like you and Brad and so many others.

28 02 2011

I keep eyeballing the #7daychip on twitter… just so you know. 🙂

1 03 2011
HYC Update: Buckling Down and Going for the #30daychip « Bella in LapBandLand

[…] I had with LC about just buckling down and sticking with the Medifast.  Part of it came from a guest blog post that Brad Gansberg wrote on Tara’s blog.  And the final impetus I needed came from Jenna’s comment on my blog post yesterday: Before […]

7 03 2011

Well said Brad.

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