The earning of a #7daychip (and starting over…)

15 02 2011

I earned this.

Then day 8 came and it didn’t go so well.

I let the negative thinking get the best of me.

I let it control my emotions.

I let it control my mindless eating.

It doesn’t however control me to the point that I can’t fight back and that’s what I’m doing. Fighting back. Allowing myself to see me as others see me. Looking in the mirror and refusing to let memories of my past control how I walk towards my future. Learning to be patient and kind with myself just as I would any friend that leaned on me for support.

So I start again today. I’m going to be changing the parameters of what it means to earn a day under the #7daychip challenge. I’m going to be focusing on not eat mindlessly (no random snacking without first making sure I’m hungry), eating consciously ( I will thank my food for keeping me strong and making me healthy), not panicking over my food (or thinking that there is a lack of food) as well as working on combating the negative thoughts that seem to invade my mind more often than not. I’m letting go of the water, chocolate and vitamins aspect of the original #7daychip goal as I’ve gotten those down to pretty much a science now (Thanks Brad!).

I made it to day 8

Even with this kind of day.

I will make it to the #30daychip!

Believe that.




4 responses

15 02 2011
Brad Gansberg

I have no doubt that I will be presenting you a #30daychip sometime in the near future. The group is lucky to have a member like you. Go get em Tara.

15 02 2011

You’ll get there T! Thanks for being open and honest.

16 02 2011

Looking at the glass half full, 7 days is awesome. One small blip doesn’t erase that. 30 days? Sure, you’ll do it!

18 02 2011

I’ve been struggling more with my eating lately too, letting my mind play tricks on me and get to me more than usual. I have no doubt you’ll get there Tara, you’ve got this!

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