Time to make a change…o

13 02 2011

Life Changing Journey

That’s really what this is all about. Oh sure I wanted to lose weight (and A LOT of it) but more importantly I wanted to find the life that I deserved to live.Ā  When I started down this path of getting healthy I didn’t know what to call my blog. I picked the easiest name I could think of and part of me wanted to put my weight in there as a proving point that I could lose it.

I’ve grown to love my blog and have become very attached to the name 263andcounting but it doesn’t fit anymore. I’m not 263 pounds. I’m far from it and will NEVER see that number again. I’ve wanted to change the name for a long time. It’s a hard process. It’s almost like changing the name of a beloved pet, your best friend or even you car (I know you named your car – we all do). I’ve spent months waiting for the perfect name to come to me. I didn’t want to jump the gun and use the first thing that I felt fit or that sounded clever. I wasn’t going for a play on words or anything that had to do with weight loss as the main focus of the name.

Losing weight is not my focus any longer.

I’ve been using the acronym LCJ for a long time now. It has begun to spread throughout the blogging community and has become the foundation for my success in not only losing weight but with living life to my fullest potential. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner but like I said I’ve been waiting for the perfect name to come to me.

A Life Changing Journey (.com)

I’m ready to take this journey to the next level. So many ideas are bouncing around in my head I can hardly contain them. I’m excited to see where I’m going. I’m excited to take you with me. This is not about the destination…

It’s about the journey.





21 responses

13 02 2011
Jules - Big Girl Bombshell

YES… I am ready for all the ideas and NEXT steps!

13 02 2011
Misty @ Life Off the D List!

Good choice!

13 02 2011

I love the new name!

13 02 2011
Joanna (Madfatwoman)

I LOVE THE NEW NAME!!! I’ve been tempted to use your acronym on a few occasions… I love it! The name fits perfectly!!

13 02 2011

Awesome Tara, that’s got an awful nice ring to it and very fitting, congrats!

13 02 2011
Elizabeth Rothman

Yeah! Congratulations! (By the way, is this how this is supposed to read? On the list of important acronyms: PBR = Post Run Blues)

13 02 2011

The journey IS the reward. Hell ya I like that name!

13 02 2011

I love it! I am always talking about our “journey”.

13 02 2011

Perfect šŸ™‚

13 02 2011

Most change is hard for me, but this one is easy. LOVE the new name šŸ™‚

13 02 2011

kind of like when I went to get my tattoo and couldn’t figure out what I wanted it to say..
um, Live deliberately.
my motto.
sometimes it’s so close we go cross eyed trying to see it.
Good name.

14 02 2011

so true with everything for me that if I cant even SEMI ENJOY THE PROCESS—Im doing the wrong thing/on the wrong path.


14 02 2011

The most appropriate name of all – I love it!

14 02 2011

Love the new name, and the new focus. And I’m so excited to see what your LCJ brings next!

14 02 2011

awesome name. šŸ™‚
lame question perhaps, but do i have to re-subscribe to your blog, or will it just transfer over? thanks!

14 02 2011
Meegan (redstar5)

and it was good!
I love the name, I love the new focus, and I love you!

*you can absolutely count me as one of the many who has adopted your terminology of LCJ. I find myself using it in my real life all of the time. Your influence is great my friend!

15 02 2011
Skinny Doll

Great name! you rock!

15 02 2011

Glad you had it redirected. I get confused very easy. Wait – where am I…

15 02 2011

Wonderful idea Tara, I love the new name!

18 02 2011

Ok I gotta know. What is the name of your car??

19 02 2011

Dusty McDusterson

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