What are you choosing?

2 01 2011

Another Year Gone By.

365 days we wished we had done something to take control of our life. Every day we woke up and thought to ourselves “Today is the day” and then as quickly as that thought came, it disappeared. It disappeared behind bad food choices and long hours on the couch aimlessly flipping through channels on the television. It disappeared behind the relentless voices in our head that say ‘you can’t” or “you never will” or “what’s the point”. It disappeared behind the eyes that stared back at us from the mirror…

Another Year Begins Again.

It’s a new day for us. Today IS the day we are going to stand up and face those demons and with a little perseverance we ARE going to make better food choices. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Just something small that we know makes a difference. Maybe we drink a glass of water first thing in the morning instead of reaching for that diet coke. Maybe we cut our consumption meat in half and double up on vegetables. Maybe we take the stairs half way up to our 9 – 5 cubicle job and ride the elevator the rest of the way. Maybe instead of wishing the person in the mirror would tell us what to do, we’ll take the initiative and tell the person in the mirror what we’re going to do.

It’s scary being in a world where fast food is advertised every minute on some damn channel and on every corner in our neighborhoods. Within walking distance of my home there is a Kentucky Fried Chicken, Jack in the Box, Little Cesar’s Pizza and Baskin Robbins ice cream joint (in fact, they are all in the same complex). Not to mention all of the small convenient stores that wouldn’t know what a piece of fruit is if I smacked them in their face with one. It’s scary being in a world where watching five hours of television is the norm and one out of four of us are carrying around enough weight to be considered obese.

But want to know what’s even more scarier?


What if we’re not living up to our potential? What if there is something so great out there waiting for us to discover it and yet we’ll never know because we’re afraid to stand up and take control? What if instead of spending another year wishing we “had” taken control we get out there and take back what we deserve to have: A life worth living? What if right now we look at that person staring back at us in the mirror and we proclaim “I may not love myself enough to make all the changes but I LOVE MYSELF ENOUGH TO START SOMEWHERE” and then do it. We don’t need to hide behind fatty foods and XXL shirts any longer. We don’t have to hide by sitting on the couch day in and day out and wonder when enough will be enough.

Enough is Enough Right Now!

Another Year is Going By

At this very moment, we can choose to live in fear and be emotionally dead to our surroundings or we can choose to WAKE UP and be free of our past and take one step toward our future. At this very moment, we can throw up our hands, surrender and live in a darkness that chokes the very life we deserve to live. Or we can firmly plant our feet, hands balled into fists and stare down that darkness until a light shines from us so bright that it paves the way in front of us and shows us that there is possibility.

What are You Choosing Today?




7 responses

2 01 2011

Well said, as always. You are an inspirational goddess. (Oh, and don’t forget that the bead store is close by, so if you don’t do fast food, you can get crafty.) 🙂

2 01 2011

Hells to the yes! This is EXACTLY how I am feeling right now – the next year is going to pass one way or the other. What are we going to CHOOSE to do with it? I want to be better on 1/1/12 than I am today, and I know I have the power to do that. I also know I’m worth it. So are you, and so are we all!

2 01 2011

YES! It’s a brand new day…a brand new world out there. Get on it!

thanks for your post!

2 01 2011
Jeremy Logsdon

Tara, I for real need a t-shirt that says What Would Tara Do, because you are my rockstar. (Note to self: start screen-printing a Pro-Tara shirt.) I choose to keep hacking away at this path, regardless of the deprivation I may feel from time to time, so we can eventually be on the same side of the finish line.

And don’t your convenience stores have $2 bananas that are mostly brown? 🙂

3 01 2011

You ARE a rock star, Tara! Your posts amaze me, break my heart, inspire me to get up from behind me desk or get off the couch and move… And your support, both before and after I completed my first half in December, meant so much to me. Have an awesome 2011!

3 01 2011

Thanks so much for putting everything out here. I turned 40 this weekend, and am starting at almost the exact same place you were a year ago.
You give me hope.
I start week 1 C25k tomorrow.
I have so many questions – if you’d be willing to email me, I’d love an opportunity to ‘pick your brain’.


9 01 2011

I am choosing to be healthier and happier than I was a year ago. And for as awesome as this past year has been, I can’t wait to see where I’m at on 1/1/2012!

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