I am an athlete!

19 08 2010

Whether I was born one and just didn’t know it until this year or I have sculpted one from the hard work I’ve put into this journey I know one thing for sure: I am an athlete. I was meant to run, bike, swim, lift weights and whatever other activities out there undiscovered.

I am meant to have sweat fall from my face not because it’s hot outside and I am uncomfortable in a body that used to weigh upwards of 270 pounds but because I am pushing my body to the limit physically and my body is eager to move on to the next challenge. My heart is meant to pump fast not because I can barely walk up a flight of steps but because my workouts are so intense they leave me curled up in what Godfather now calls the “Dead Fish” position.

My muscles are meant to be sore not because the only time I ever lift anything heavy is when I’m moving furniture so that my couch faces the t.v. in a more feng shui position but because when I look down at my feet I see 130 pounds on a weight bar I know I just lifted multiple times and I know soon it will be heavier.

My food is meant to taste good not because it’s full of labels like “McDonalds”, “Jack in the Box” and “Burger King” but because my food is clean and well planned and helping me get stronger, fitter, faster and leaner.

This smile on my face is meant to be there not because I just spent 5 hours playing World of Warcraft while eating a bag of chips and downing a six pack of diet coke but because this week alone I biked at least 40 miles, I worked out with someone I look up to at the gym and survived, Godfather pushed harder this week than I’ve ever experienced, I ran with two of my favorite girls on a horrible, horrible, terrific hill and I can see my muscles more now that ever before.

I AM strong.

I AM alive.

I AM an athlete.

You too should shout out your accomplishments. Tell me why you are an athlete! What do you love most about pushing your body to the limit? Shout it out cause it is awesome! Shout it out because you should be proud of who you are and what you have done! Shout it out because dammit I said so!




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19 08 2010

you are a freakin’ machine! good on ya!

I love that 3 months ago I felt sick at the thought of riding, now I can do it 45 minutes what used to take me 90 to do. I CRAVE a long ride and I’m sad that winter will come and I won’t be able to ride!

19 08 2010

You are an athlete! I am an athlete! I briefly contemplated asking you and Val to carry me back to the cars yesterday because I seriously doubted that my legs would be willing to walk that far. Today? Not the least bit sore. I can make a hill my bitch instead of the other way around. Who knew?

19 08 2010

I am an athlete because I love the feeling of accomplishing something, knowing I gave my all, my best and seeing results on the scale. I feel a loss this week tara, Running may have been the trick to get me out of this funk.

20 08 2010

I am an athlete by virtue of the fact I can keep up with my FOUR YEAR OLD!

20 08 2010

Ummm, once again our brains are in synch. I just posted something kinds similar before I read this post. I am definitely feeling strong and fit and fierce this week (eventhough my muscles are exhausted and my trainer told me I HAD to take Saturday off eventhough we were scheduled to work out LOL).

I am an athlete because…I like to move. (and I didn’t before) that’s mega-huge!.

20 08 2010

Doood…All I can think of to say is






25 08 2010

wow. today when you told me about your blog i decided to check it out, and man, your quite inspiring. its amazing to know that you were where i am, and now your, well, way ahead of me. thanks for talking to me, your pretty amazing, i wish i knew you better, maybe someday? but again, thanks. (:

26 08 2010

Serena, I thought about you all day yesterday and this morning as I was working out with Godfather. Thanks for being my inspiration. We’ll see each other around for sure and as soon as you’re ready we’ll start running together!

20 02 2011
Dear Tara… « Life Changing Journey (LCJ)

[…] The 180′s think this is your shining time. You spent a lot of time looking in the mirror. You were really getting used to the body you were living in. It was 90 pounds smaller. NINETY POUNDS!! It wasn’t always easy to look at the the person looking back at you. You were still fighting your demons (and still do today) but even your 270 pound mentality couldn’t deny that you were happier and healthier than you’ve ever been not only in your adult life but in your ENTIRE LIFE. This is the time you began to call yourself an athlete and knew it to be a true label. […]

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