Potential / Next Race / WWC update / Week in Review

11 06 2010

I was at the gym this morning when I saw this on the back of someone’s shirt:

Live your potential

My first thought was “Oh man that’s going to make a great blog theme”…My second thought was “what the hell does that mean?” I mean seriously, what does that mean? Do I even know what my potential is and if I did how do I measure the successes?

Right now I’m comparing what I used to do (eating my way to an all time high of 275 pounds and playing world of warcraft until my eyes went cross-eyed) to what I’m doing these days (losing the first half of the 100 pounds I’m leaving behind, running – and liking it, breaking a sweat on a daily basis, eating with a conscious, staying in the moment) and I wonder if that is what it means to live your potential.

I decided to turn to the all knowing Google and search “Live your potential” in hopes of finding some answers. But all I got was a load of crap mostly about starting your own at home business and some weird white powder food formula that promised me I could lose up to 14 pounds in 7 days…riiiiiight.

Hmmmm, let me check the images that Google has to offer:

Hi creepy dog.

Better, but what the hell does a lady bug have to do with potential?

Okay a little closer being I’m trying to become a runner.

Then I came across this little beauty:

There it is. Living to your potential means believing. Believe you can lose the weight. Believe you can get out of bed and make good choices. Believe that even when you don’t make the best choices in your journey you can start again at that very second. Believe you are worth every drop of sweat, every frustration, every fear and when you can’t seem to move forward believe in yourself and take a step. Believe you can run farther, faster, longer and stronger. Believe that when you fall down you will pick yourself up, dust yourself off and you will keep moving. Believe that even on those days that  seem the hardest they are easier than where you came from and you never need to return to your past. Believe that a goal is achievable no matter what it is if you break it down into smaller goals and continually strive to do you best no matter how many times it takes to succeed. Believe that every attempt is a success no matter the outcome. Believing = living your potential.

Are you living your potential?


Race day is tomorrow. EEEEEEK. 5k number two. It’s bigger. The course is more difficult. I’m bringing my husband. I’m not nearly as nervous since I kind of know what to expect. I’m wondering if I can do the entire 5k without walking? I’m wondering if that’s something I want to do? I’m wondering what my shirt will look like? I’m wondering if I should wear my Couch 2 5k shirt since this was supposed to be my first 5k and signing up for this event was so emotional (remember it took me 3 hours to register). I’m wondering what color socks to wear? I’m wondering how I’m going to feel on Sunday cause I really want to take my Vibrams out for spin in the real world and not just on the treadmill…

And that was all in the last 3 minutes.



I forgot to make an update on last week’s WWC that Jeremy so graciously hosted while Brandon was in NOLA. Here were my goals for last weekend:

1) Enjoy my vacation but be conscious at all times what I am putting in my mouth. I will look at everything I want to eat and ask myself the following question: Is this fuel to help or empty calories that hinder? If it hinders I must be absolutely okay with consuming.

2) Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate. Consume a gallon of water each day.

3) Get at least one hour of exercise in each day. I’m not sure what that means just yet but rumor has it I will have access to elliptical and treadmill.

4) Log all food.

I did pretty damn good.  I only had a minor hiccup for goal number one. In a moment of panic I purged some food but I’m only calling it a minor hiccup because it was an isolated incident and I don’t feel like it’s something I need to worry about.

Overall grade: B+

Lots of other Warriors participated in WWC. Go check them out:

Brandon at So Long Fat Ass
Rinn at Ring Around Rinn
Frank at Male Weight Loss Now
Joe at Joe the Runner
Vinny at Fat to Fit Diary
Molly at Fluffy Girl
Shelli at Shelli Belly
Jeremy at Stellar Path


I’m not doing a week in review this week since I was just mostly on vacation. I’m doing my OWiS #24 tomorrow morning before the race if my scale hasn’t gone on the kaputz.

It’s going to be a good number.





6 responses

11 06 2010
Debbi Does Dinner Healthy

Hope you do well in the race! Wear socks that will keep you positive and confident! Can’t wait to hear the details.

11 06 2010

Beautiful blog today!

11 06 2010
Sarah (Fat Little Legs)

I really love that last picture. I am going to believe this week that what I am doing for my body is good, and I’m going to trust my body that when its ready to let go of the weight it will as long as I keep up good healthy habits!!

I’ll be running with ya in spirit tomorrow first 5k all the way baby!

11 06 2010
Seth @ Fit With a Purpose

Good luck tomorrow!

You are a runner and believe that you are!

I’m ready to hear how you did!

11 06 2010

good luck with 5k #2 🙂

12 06 2010

All sorts of goodness up in here. Thanks for the reminder to believe. That’s been a big hurdle for me, and one that I am 95% over, after much tripping, etc.

I’m excited for your race! I hope it goes well and can’t wait to hear all about it! Looking forward to your good WI number, too. Keep it up, Tara – you’re rockin’ this $hit!

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