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10 06 2010
  • It’s hard to get settled in after being away for almost a week. I’m not sure if that’s the way it is for most people. It doesn’t really matter if I’m away for 24 hours or for 24 days. I spend a few days upon my return making sure everything is as it was when I left. Nothing lost. Nothing moved. Pets accounted for. Car still parked where I left it and a Husband fed properly in my absense.
  • There are some changes happening at work that will affect my ability to keep up with my VBB(s). It’s not a good change but a change none-the-less. I feel like I should adjust my blogroll to a core handful of people I follow extensively since my response time to what people are doing in their journeys is being cut to almost nil.
  • I love my Polar FT4 except I’m still trying to emotionally adjust to the lower kcal numbers it’s giving me. I’m still burning a lot of calories while working out. Just not as many as I had initially thought. I’m impressed with the wireless capabilities of  the equipment at the gym. Most machines pick up my heart rate so I don’t have to keep looking at my watch.
  • I talked to my therapist about this. I’m confident this was an isolated incident. Better to not dwell and worry whether I’m returning to old behaviors. I’m not.
  • I am an official owner of Vibram Five Fingers. I took them to the gym today to give them a whirl on the treadmill and immediately shaved off 5 seconds on fastest mile to date. New PB mile is 10:35. I need to decide if I’m going to run in them this Saturday for my second 5k? I feel like it would be okay since I’m a pretty new runner. Any thoughts?
  • Speaking of which, I’m getting ready to run in my second 5k. Sound to Narrows takes place this Saturday. I had a running partner but she had to back out since she just finished the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon last week. I’m a little apprehensive about running alone. I’m sure it will be fine. I’m not looking to beat my 37:40 time since the course is much different and I might be running in my vibrams.
  • I had a complete stranger come up to me at the gym and say the following: “Your hard work here is really paying off. You look totally different from when you first started coming here“. I wanted to hug him and say thanks but at that particular moment I was showing the ARC trainer who was in control.
  • I’ve been reading “Triathlon for Women” by Sally Edwards. If I’ve taken anything away in the little portion that I’ve read it’s this: There is a difference between excercising and training. I don’t really exercise anymore which S.E. says the main purpose is to get into or stay in shape. Instead I train as S.E. describes it: “A person who trains has a greater goal in mind, a dream. Exercise is part of training, but it isn’t the only part or even the most important part. If you identify your goals, you will have a greater purpose to drive you out the door to grain even when you don’t feel like it“.

Do you exercise or train?




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10 06 2010

Welcome back! I love the thoughts on exercising vs. training. I think I’m straddling the fence on that one for now, since I’m definitely exercising to get in better shape, lose weight, etc. but I’m also training for a 10K. Since the 10K is a ways away (September), I’d have to say I’m leaning towards the exercise side of the fence right now, but come mid-July, I will hop back to the training side. I’m so impressed with your tri training. Also looking forward to hearing what you think of the VFFs!

10 06 2010

Hey, hero. First: I would run with you on Saturday, marathon or no, because I am SO excited about your journey, and also because it sounds like a lot of fun. I am on the injured list- my right foot (plantar fasciitis) hurt so much on Sunday, though it usually feels fine after I warm up, that I had to walk the last nine miles, rather than my dependable 9 min/1 min run/walk. I finished, but it was a lot less fun than my first marathon. My coach said no walking or running for at least 2 weeks, and see a podiatrist. I want to find a podiatrist who can help me towards completing the marathon I’ve registered for in November, unless that’s just too stupid.

I would NOT do the 5K in the VFFs unless you have done some distance in them on pavement already. There’s no padding, and I know the whole rap about them and how we evolved to run barefoot, and I own a pair myself, but unless you’ve tried it for a short distance, do you really want to experience that impact for the first time during the 5K? That’s my 2 cents.

I’ll be rooting for you on Saturday.

10 06 2010

Without training, I would be an empty shell. AND HOLY RUNAMOLE on thaty mile. Shit. I better speed up, you’re right on my heels!

10 06 2010

I wish I was more gungho about running. I really want to do a 5k but with my work this summer I don’t know if it will happen. That’s why I’m focused more on exercising at the moment. I know eventually I will be training for my first 5k. Btw, Welcome back- Hope you have a great week!

10 06 2010

I’m not even exercising. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me but that’s where I’m at. Definitely not the most effective way to prepare for a half. But I’m running a 5k tomorrow night so after that, I’m back on the running wagon. And it will be training. I can’t really do it if it’s just exercise. I have no drive without training.

Run in the Vibrams! Why not?

Give that guy from the gym a high five for me. He deserves one for noticing AND commenting on how much you’ve changed.

10 06 2010

I started running everyday at work during lunch. 3 miles each time. one day i was feeling froggy so I did 6miles. let me know how the Vibrams work, I’ve been debating on whether to get a pair.

11 06 2010

oooh very insightful.
I exercise.
and I kinda like that as the husband and I will turn to each other and laugh (on the days we are just going through the motions at the gym. youll have that) and say MEH, WE DONT GET PAID FOR THIS 🙂

starting monday though—Im training

woo hoo?

11 06 2010

Hi! Regarding the Vibrams…check out today’s post from edibleperspective.com…she writes about her experience with Vibrams and a recent barefoot running clinic she attended…may be helpful in your decision. Good luck this weekend!

11 06 2010
Anonymous Fat Girl

Ooohhh, good question. I guess I’ve never thought much about it. I just try to go as hardcore as I an for ME and push myself. I’ll never stop even after I get to goal. I’ve found a love of fitness that is hard to put into words. 🙂

11 06 2010

1) I’m glad you talked to your therapist. I think it’s more of working it out and thinking out loud, dealing with your thoughts, that will help. We’re all here for you 🙂

2) Hooray for being in VFFs! Now that I have more than 140 characters, gosh TWITTER, I can explain my “take it easy Turbo.” Definitely go out there and run as much as you can. I think pushing yourself to the limit helps with muscle development. However, there’s a fine line between improving your endurance/strengthening your muscles and injuring yourself. Don’t FORCE it upon yourself. Be natural. My favorite tip for VFF runners is to kiss the ground. Connect with the earth you run on. Running is more than just running. It should be about an intimate connection you feel with Mother Nature.

3) YOU DO LOOK TOTALLY DIFFERENT. And your hard work is paying off. But I think even more so mentally. The physical comes with the mental. You push yourself. You fight that inner demon. Each and every day. And that’s what makes you successful. You might cry, you might make excuses, but at the end of the day, you still get the job done. THAT, T-bear, is what counts. WWOPD.


12 06 2010

Welcome back. Why is that poor dog creepy?

13 06 2010

And now just one more person to tempt me with their VFF’s 🙂

That’s really awesome about the stranger coming up to you at the gym and making those comments. From the photos you’ve been posting, you definitely have been making some really great progress, and deserve every bit of praise that you get!

And don’t get yourself too worked up if you’re not able to keep up with everyone else’s blogs as much as you’ve been able to in the past. I’m still working on catching up on everyone else’s as much as I can after getting back from my trip. We’re all here for you, and will all continue to support you, and we understand that sometime life gets in the way, and that our blogs certainly aren’t the most important things in the world.

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