Weekend Warrior Challenge

3 06 2010

That’s right folks, it’s the first of the month so it’s time to dust off your armor and come play with the big kids who are making some kick ass changes in their life and doing it together.

Brandon is out of town this weekend. We’re both out of town for the first time since starting this journey (which we started at the same time…does that make us New Journey Siblings – NJS?).

Jeremy is hosting June’s WWC here. Thanks for hosting Jeremy!!

Here are my goals:

1) Enjoy my vacation but be conscious at all times what I am putting in my mouth. I will look at everything I want to eat and ask myself the following question: Is this fuel to help or empty calories that hinder? If it hinders I must be absolutely okay with consuming.

2) Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate. Consume a gallon of water each day.

3) Get at least one hour of exercise in each day. I’m not sure what that means just yet but rumor has it I will have access to elliptical and treadmill.

4) Log all food.





6 responses

3 06 2010
Anonymous Fat Girl

Great goals! Have a wonderful vaca.

3 06 2010

Have fun on vacay and kick the workouts. See you soon.

4 06 2010

Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog through one of your “VBB”s. Very cool! Your story is quite inspiring!

5 06 2010

Thanks Rae for stopping by. All of our stories are inspiring. You just keep up all the hard work and it will pay off. I promise.

4 06 2010
Seth @ Fit With a Purpose

hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Have a great vacation and bring us back something.

5 06 2010

Good luck this weekend Tara, and have a fun time in Cincinnati!

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