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2 06 2010
  • I am officially starting my vacation in 24 hours. I’m going to Cincinnati to see my best friend Michelle. We lost touch for many years (mostly my fault – hello stupid). She came home in December and took this picture of me:

She has no idea who is stepping off that plane Friday morning.

  • This is my first trip away from home since starting this journey. To say I’m a little nervous / anxious would be an understatement. Every time my mind races to the “what if’s” I’m trying to combat it with “And so what”…Seriously so what? Whatever happens while on vacation isn’t what happens when I’m home. I’m mentally prepared. I know I may be in situations where I won’t be able to buy food that is the absolute best choice for me but I will still be choosing. I’ve had 5 months to practice and it’s time I put that practice to use. I have access to treadmill / elliptical. I have access to the outside. If I’m so desperate, I’ll find a damn gym and buy a day pass. I need to chill out. I need to enjoy myself. Hell, I’ve got a 3 hour layover in Vegas baby, what’s not to enjoy?
  • I won’t be seeing Superman for 2 weeks (insert collective awwwww). I’m gone next week then he’s gone the following week. As a good bye session today he worked my ass off. So much so other gym rats stopped to watch. I felt pretty bad ass but then I almost threw up. I cried too cause it was so damn tough (but not in front of him of course RAWR).
  • While I’m going to miss Superman, I’m really excited to be on my own for the next two weeks. I won’t do any weight training while on vacation (until June 8th). Once I return I will spend 2 days as if I’m in session and be my own trainer. I will need to think of a good superhero name (I’m thinking of going with Clobberella from Futurama).
  • Today I bought a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor. I’m feeling pretty hardcore right now. I had a lesser quality monitor (read: Something craptastic from Target) and since I’m getting ready to train for a triathlon (I can’t believe I just wrote that!) I want something that will be more accurate. I’m wearing it right now. My resting heart rate is between 57 – 60. That’s an athletes resting heart rate. I love this FT4.
  • Today was National Running Day. To celebrate I ran 1.5 miles. It’s not as far as I wanted but with an ankle on the mend, I’d say it was pretty good. When I started this LCJ back in January never did I think I’d actually be so darn excited about this day. Life is pretty terrific right now.
  • My therapist no showed today. I handled it pretty well. Instead of freaking out I realized I had some time to kill before work so I went back to the gym and swam. I am definitely getting faster. One mile (70.4 lengths / laps) = 35 minutes. Could have been faster but I like to stop every 10 laps to drink water and keep count. No stopping probably more like 28 – 30  minutes. The best part about this bullet: I didn’t freak out!
  • My next 5k is coming up in two weeks. Sound to Narrows is June 12th. 3 days after I return from my trip. I’m not going to be doing too much running before hand since I really want my ankle to heal up. I need to pick another race right quick. I’m thinking 10k…..
  • HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS PURE: I just signed up for a 10k on July 17th! Oh man I’ve got to get training on this one. Okay breath! First vacation, then 5k then train. Oh man what did I just do?
  • Even though I didn’t do an official weigh in on Saturday ( and I may have to skip this Saturday since on vacation) I am out of my 2teens. I am officially beginning the countdown to Onederland. The scale said 208 this morning and I am stoked. I read about other people’s Onederland count down and thought “that will not be me anytime soon”. Well I proved myself wrong. I am going to dig deep and do whatever I can to cross over into 199dom by the end of June.  Two pounds a week is not only doable but absolutely obtainable.
  • Onederland…wow.



12 responses

2 06 2010

That’s awesome having someone see you since you lost so much weight. What a coooool feeling.

2 06 2010
Ring Around Rinn

You will handle this vacation beautifully. You have literally trained 5 months for something like this. You have everything you need in place. You are a warrior.

2 06 2010

Thanks Rinn…I’m pretty sure it will be a successful trip and if not, well that much more work when I come home.

2 06 2010

Have fun on vacation. Don’t forget about us. 🙂

2 06 2010

Vinny I could never forget about you guys…you are my life line right now. I’m staying at a friend’s house so I’ll be ganking her computer for sure!

2 06 2010

1. NRD = Success
2. Your friend will be so excited to see you.
4. 10k-shit I haven’t even ran my first 5k yet.
5. Good choice on getting a better heart rate monitor- I ❤ mine.
6. Get some R&R on vaca- You deserve it mama.
7. I love the fact that you used the word "ganking" in your above response…are you part gangsta, like me?

3 06 2010

We’ve both got the same challenge coming up, with our first trip away from home since beginning our journeys. But I know that we’ll both do great – as you said, we’ve had 5 months of practice!

That’s very exciting about your 10k in July! I’ve still got to do my first official 5k! And lately, I’ve really been considering signing up for a half marathon in late fall, but we’ll see about that…

3 06 2010

I’m gonna be tweeting you like mad crazy to keep me in line!

3 06 2010

you are so cool. Onederland! I also cant wait for it. but I still have 40 more pounds to go.

3 06 2010

40 pounds to go!!!!

Did you ever think you’d be saying that sentence so soon?

3 06 2010

oh yeah…. HAVE FUN!!!

3 06 2010

In all the anxiety, that’s the one thing I HAVE to remember!

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