Taking recommendations…

10 05 2010

Okay blogland here’s the assignment.

Take a look at my blogroll and let me know who’s missing.

Lost  a little.

Lost a lot.

Been at it a while.

Just starting out.

Blogs everyday.

Or maybe once a week.

Has taught you something.

Made an impression.

Forged a friendship.

Got Game.


Uses humor.

Or brutally honest.

Tell me who should be here and I will do the rest!




13 responses

11 05 2010
Anonymous Fat Girl

Ooh I’m on there! 🙂 A=Really, you have just about everyone I read on there and lots more, looks great to me. Have a great day!

11 05 2010

Of course you’re on here boo…I’d slap myself if you weren’t.

11 05 2010
seth @ fitwithapurpose

I like your blog roll too. If I think of someone new — I’ll let you know.

I like to read — and this is probably weird, but she works out like crazy — Running Diva Mom.

She also has lots of giveaways.

11 05 2010

Thanks Seth, I will definitely check her blog!

11 05 2010

oooh I am on here how nice. Thanks.
I do have one…I read her all the time for inspiration
It’s loretta and she is a great lady with a positive attitude.

11 05 2010

Same with Bobbie from AFG, I’d so slap myself if you weren’t here. I will definitely check Loretta’s blog.

11 05 2010

This guy Joe has an awesome blog about running – He’s missing.

11 05 2010

Hmmm I’ll have to look into that anon…I’m sure Joe appreciates the plug!

11 05 2010

Wow – that’s one impressive list!
Here are a few I follow that help me out:
http://www.healthytippingpoint.com/ (great healthy eating ideas, and running/cycling inspiration)
http://www.watermelonwaistline.com/ (great running inspiration and more)
http://www.reconstructingthirty.com/ (Chad is transforming his lifestyle after hitting 30)
There’s so many more – I can’t keep up!

11 05 2010

Thanks Meegan…will look them up right now.

11 05 2010

I’m fairly new to blogging, got a lot to loser, been at it for 13 weeks and about 27 down! I blog regularly, and was going to add you to my blogroll.
Here’s mine if you want to add mine:

11 05 2010

Thanks for stopping by…wow 13 weeks and 27 pounds is fantastic!!!!

17 05 2010

Hey fellow CKer and blogger! Add me! Add me! =)

Just started this blog and would love to be linked. Adding you to my blogroll now.

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