Craptastic Monday = Fantastic Tuesday!

27 04 2010

Whew, I am so happy to have Monday over.

There was no major fallout from yesterday’s change in plans but it can be exhausting to recover. I often have some sort of emotional melt down when not prepared for changes (which I did but it was only for a few minutes), then I spend a few hours wondering why I had that melt down (which is usually followed by some emotional beat down). Once recovered,  I spent the rest of the day just moving a little more slower to keep myself in check.

Another day done…

I woke up in my usual fashion this morning and set about getting the day started. I thought about how to approach Superman and explain about needing some sort of warning if he needed to cancel our appointments, without divulging to much information about myself (“Oh hi Superman, so listen Monday = Superman…Monday =/= impromptu workout…say it with me Monday = Superman“). He was at the front desk when I walked in. First thing he says: “I tried to call you yesterday“.


You did?

He may have seen the look of disbelief on my face cause he pulled out his phone to show me that my number was indeed on his call log for early yesterday morning…Oh wait Superman, let me look at that again….


He did in fact try to call me and tell me that he couldn’t come in. While he had the right phone number, he didn’t have the correct area code. I still have my Seattle area code attached to my number. So he dialed (253) instead of (206). It was damn near the best news I could have heard. Not only did I not need to explain anything about me, but now I know he will call without having to ask him.

Superman = KICK ASS!

He said he was super sorry. I played like it was no big deal (cause I’m cool like that). In my most humorous fashion I said:

Too bad you didn’t come in yesterday cause I was gonna have a bad ass weigh in. Instead I went home and ate 20 pounds of food just to make you work harder

I finished what I came to do at the gym (leave some of my old self behind in the form of sweating on the elliptical) and then need to make appointments for next week (Monday and Thursday of course). I can’t find him so I call and leave him a message. I say he can either leave a message or send me a text (this was a little test to see if he was technologically savvy) letting me know he put me in the books. In my phone contacts I don’t have him listed under his real name

A few minutes later I get this: ” Superman – You’re in 4 next week”. Because seriously people who doesn’t like getting texts from Superman?


Leave it to Tony over at “The Anti-Jared” to come up with another challenge I can’t resist. He’s setting forth the virtual  RoniTony 5k for kids walk on May 23rd.  Donations are being accepted for the Action for Healthy Kids program but not required to participate. What is required? You just promise to walk a 5k that day. Simple!

What’s great about this is my friend Elizabeth has asked me a few days ago if I wanted to participate in the Great Kilted Run coming up in May. I was a little nervous with walking a half marathon that month that I hadn’t yet committed. After Tony put out his challenge I went back to check the date of the kilted run….MAY 23RD!!!

It’s like divine intervention.

My first 5k was slated for June 12th but now it’s been bumped up to May 23rd. If I play my cards right there might be one even sooner…




13 responses

27 04 2010

I’m glad today was a good day! I’m excited for your 5K. I’m doing the ACS’s Relay for Life that weekend (lengthy post/challenge on my blog) so I will definitely be logging my own 5k on 5/23.

I can’t wait to rejoin a gym. 🙂

28 04 2010

Then you better get over to Tony’s blog and pledge! cause a 5k is a 5k is a 5k.

27 04 2010

Yay for good days. That’s really cool though that he did try to call and now you know he will do so…plus yes getting a text from a super hero would rock!

28 04 2010

Thanks amber!

27 04 2010

Glad you had a better day..sounds like you got an alright trainer.
Have a great week.

28 04 2010

he’s pretty alright!

28 04 2010

Very cool, I’m glad superman tried to call you. Now you can rest knowing he is a true professional. As for pledging the 5k walk, I am so in. Also good luck on the Great Kilted Run.

28 04 2010


28 04 2010

Oh, that Great Kilted Run sounds like so much fun! Can girls wear kilts?!? lol So glad you had a better day!

28 04 2010

First 5K here you come! Its going to be a cake walk for you! I can’t wait!

Also – I just keep getting more impressed with this Superman of yours.
I’m looking forward to hearing about your weekend warrior madness.

29 04 2010

oooh!!! AWESOME! YAY for first 5k’s! I’ll take the pledge to do a 5k that day too. 🙂

I want a superman of my own. Will you share him? pwetty pwease?

29 04 2010

I will share him but it will cost you…

Whatchoo got?

30 04 2010
Friday Wrap Up / And ohhhh a yoga mat « 263 and counting

[…] – Superman proved himself to me once again. I learned a new mathematical equation (craptastic Monday = fantastic Tuesday) and I rocked it on the elliptical for an hour! I also pledged to run a real 5k (May 23rd) three […]

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