A declaration / Week in review (pre OWiS #17) / shopping

23 04 2010

I’ve pushed myself to the brink. I knew it when I tried to run this morning. I probably should have taken the run outside but as I’m trying to work on staying at a constant speed I took it to the treadmill.  During the first interval of week 4 of podrunners it got real ugly in my head.

Real ugly.

Nothing I was doing looked right. I’m sure I looked the same as always but for some reason it was just a super gnarly girl up there looking like she didn’t belong. I made myself run at least 1.5 miles before stepping off and finishing out the hour on the elliptical.

That didn’t last for long either.

After about 30 minutes I just wasn’t into it that much. I’ve been pretty gung-ho up to this point since joining but today I could have cared less about being there. I was definitely working up a sweat but not in that “RAWR” kind of way that I like so much. I switched to sit-ups on the BOSU ball. That actually was pretty good: 50 sit-ups with 5lb ball. Sort of a RAWR moment.


Luckily I had an extra hour today so I did what any girl trying to lose 100 pounds would do. I swam. That was the high point for sure. I got in a full mile. I worked on speed as well as distance so it was a good session.

However during this swim I decided to make a declaration of sorts. I’ve officially decided this weekend is a NO GYM weekend. I hear everyone telling me to take a break and while I don’t like to admit being tired, I am.  I’m not saying I won’t work out but if I do it will be in the form of running outside, or working out in the yard. I won’t be packing up my gym bag tonight or Saturday night and heading to the gym the next morning. Saturday I have an all day workshop in Seattle that prevents me from sleeping in but Sunday I will not set the alarm. Sunday I will just let the day take me where it’s supposed to go.

So there it is my official declaration: NO GYM this weekend!


It’s Friday. Time for the week in review in preparation for tomorrow’s OWiS #17. Last Saturday’s weigh-in was spectacular…225.6. However by Monday it had gone up to 228 and it’s been a pain in the ass getting it back down. This morning it was down to 226. So potentially there could still be a loss but at this point I’m not really too freaked out about it. I think I know the problem. I’m not eating enough…crazy right? My net caloric intake has averaged out this week to be about 500 – 600 after working kcals into the equation. I’m down to eating 3 meals a days with no snacking. This is a major accomplishment. Now I need to work on getting those 3 meals up to par on caloric intake.

That being said, let’s review my week!

Saturday – After OWiS #16, I went to the gym and ran a personal best in distance: 3.22 miles. It was freakin awesome! It was so awesome I swam for a mile.

Sunday – Hard to believe but it is possible to have an Elliptical Epiphany. I blame Eminem and realizing that my closet needs to be cleaned!

Monday – Met with Superman and discovered planks.

Tuesday – Just a Tuesday on the Elliptical.

Wednesday – I was Angry but I got the job done. Oh and I made a cool list, I suggest you do the same!

Thursday3 kick ass things happened to me. Including beating the crap out of boxing bags and winning over the brick wall.

Friday (today)- I ran, I ellipiticalled, I did sit ups and then swam my patootie off! Funny too, as I was leaving the gym this morning I ran into Superman. He asked me what I did this morning to which I replied: “I ran 1.5 miles, got on the elliptical for 30 minutes, did 50 push-ups and swam a mile“…he looked at me, smiled and initiated a high 5…word up people!

So all in all a pretty good week. My first 21 day challenge with SeattleRunnerGirl also ended this week. My challenge was to pack my gym bag and veggies every night before going to bed. I succeeded with flying colors. It helped my level of stress so much that I’m pretty sure it’s a habit by now. I decided to do another 21 day challenge: Drink 99 oz of water each day. I’m actually shooting for a gallon but 99 oz seems more doable with weekends. Here’s to lots of trips to the bathroom!

Fingers crossed I see a loss tomorrow but if not, I just keep on truckin!


One of the things that frustrated me today during today’s run that wasn’t, was the way I looked in the mirror. My clothes are too big. I look frumpy.  I don’t own a sports bra and while I’m not that endowed to begin with my girls are starting to suffer. I made a little side trip to Kohls before work and lucky me there was a big sale going on. I even bought work out clothes out of the women’s department. To know me is to know I shop in the men’s section since no one ever really taught me how to shop for woman’s clothing.  I did buy 3 plain t-shirts in the men’s department ( L size which is a new territory for me) but I also walked away with (from the woman’s department) 2 new sports bras and 2 new work-out pants both capri style that are nylon so no more baggy full length running pants.

But since this is a NO GYM weekend, I’ll have to wait until Monday to wear them 🙂

See you all tomorrow!




12 responses

23 04 2010
Josie (35 and Shrinking)

Wow, what a week you’ve had! I think it’s awesome that you’re choosing to give yourself a gym break. And congrats on the new bra and clothes! I still need to find a sports bra myself, so I can relate. And I’ve never been the frilly, girly clothes wearing type, so I can relate in that area too. I’m kinda looking forward to buying sexy, girlie clothes from a regular sized store. But I digress. Congrats on a successful week and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your gym free weekend!!!

23 04 2010

It has been quite a week. I hope this declaration is a success!

23 04 2010

Congrats on the no gym weekend. This will be a very gym weekend for me.

And on women’s clothes… Back in the day, because I was big, I only wore men’s clothes. I have no hips, so I always thought they fit me better. As I moved into jobs that required me to wear women’s clothes I got more used to them. Now I only wear women’s clothes other than tee shirts, which I’ll wear either.

I highly suggest going somewhere like Target that will let you bring a bunch of things in to the dressing room. Try on a bunch of styles of pants and you will figure out what works best. Eventually you will like women’s clothes. I now wear dresses all the time because they are the clothes that fit my body best and I feel best in.

23 04 2010

I hope to some day get to the point of feeling comfortable in women’s clothing but right now they just look so wrong.

23 04 2010

I’ve had days like that also- Just not feeling the RAWR in myself. I still work out but it just doesn’t feel right. Enjoy this weekend off- You deserve it.

Word Up.

23 04 2010

Word up Miss Molly, Word up!

23 04 2010

hey, I know what you mean about being SICK OF THE GYM.
I get that way…
then yesterday as I was on the elliptical, a group of navy seals discarded their t shirts and took up playing socker outside my window.
I thanked God for that little moment of zen and continued for the entire 60 minutes.
God is good.
Enjoy your weekend off.

23 04 2010

divine intervention at its best!

23 04 2010

I really like your week-in-reviews. 🙂 The RAWR will be back. Especially with new workout clothes. No matter the size of the girls, they need and deserve support!
I hope your workshop goes well and enjoy your Sunday!

24 04 2010

Thanks boo, I plan on enjoying the hell out of my Sunday for sure!

24 04 2010

I have a million things to tell you – i will try to narrow it down to three.
1. I’m proud of your choice to go no gym this weekend. Your body and your spirit will definitely thank you for the hiatus. It will only serve you well I promise.
2. You definitely need to be eating more often with the amount of working out you’re doing. Instead of making your 3 meals more calories, think of adding in some smaller meals in between. It’s been one of the keys for me. And I think you will find it helps the weight loss too…
3. Your resolve and dedication are unbelievable. Remember to be kind to yourself when you’re resting/recovering this weekend. Its a healthy choice and you’ll feel like things get easier again next week…

Enjoy your weekend Tara! and rock those new clothes on Monday!

24 04 2010

Thanks Meegan. It’s hard not to jump to that “oh you suck” mentality because I’m taking the weekend off from the gym. I’ll probaby still run tomorrow but it will be outside and it will be without a running program. I’m going to a workshop today and going to see people I haven’t seen in over 6 months. I’m sure to get a boost of “KICK ASS” that will float me through the “you suck” thought process!

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