My new music list

18 04 2010

I’ve just spent the last 90 minutes going through my cd’s to get some new music on my ipod shuffle. Here’s what I’ve got…

I can’t wait to put this music to work in about 30 minutes!




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18 04 2010

ha! For the record, this would make we want to tear my ears off. BUT, it all about what motivates us. That’s why I hate message board posts that say “what should I work out to?” The answer is “whatever upbeat music you like.”

19 04 2010

I normally listen to country but it just doesn’t move fast enough for me.

18 04 2010

GREAT MUSIC CHOICES! I have a lot of these on my playlist!! I LOVE Black Eyed Peas and that Missy song “Really Hot” is one of my favs. I need to add that to mine 🙂

18 04 2010

move it b*tch sounds good…lol.
looks like there is some music in there I might dig…I love hip hop to work out to…gives me attitude.

18 04 2010
seth @ fitwithapurpose

it’s got to be fast paced for me. I like to each step to the run to be on a beat…helps me keep pace.

19 04 2010

Awesome list!

19 04 2010
Anonymous Fat Girl

Gotta have 50 cent and Black Eyed Peas for sure! I went through the whole CD conversion recently when I got my new iPod nano. So time consuming, but so worth it! 🙂

19 04 2010

so so worth it!

19 04 2010
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19 04 2010

A girl that listens to the Beastie Boys? And you have “Root Down” on your playlist? I never knew it was possible! That’s awesome! hahaha And RATM….impressive!

Anyway, congrats on the longest run!

20 04 2010

A girl that doesn’t listen to Beastie Boys is no girl in my book!!!!

Just saying!

21 04 2010

I just posted my playlist on my facebook site Fluffy Girl. Music definately helps me get through workouts- Eminem has always been a favorite of mine. Keep up the great work Tara!

21 04 2010

thanks Molly

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