92 minute challenge part 1

16 04 2010

Today is the day I’m fulfilling my promise to match Ed over at Monday315 and  his 92 minute workout pledge that he did on Wednesday. At approximately 630 this morning I will jump on the elliptical and for 92 minutes think about how he inspired me to move in the right direction.

A few of you have also joined in on this lovely pledge:


Josie (who will be doing hers Saturday)


Ed (who is re-pledging his own pledge!!)

I also have 8 people over at CalorieKing who are joining me on this challenge!

Anyone else in? 92 minutes of breaking a sweat! 92 minutes of moving in the right direction! 92 minutes of taking your life back!

Please leave a comment here about how it went (and if you can figure out the calories that would be awesome)! I will post a follow-up later tonight!




11 responses

16 04 2010

YOU ROCK! I arranged to get off of work a little early today and had my wife and son meet me and all three of us went hiking for over an hour and a half. I’m sure it was 92+ minutes. It was a little hard and I was definitely sweaty at the end. You guys are the bomb! i wish i could meet y’all in person!

16 04 2010

You started this whole mess MISTER! and maybe someday we all will meet up and run together!

16 04 2010

Heck yeah I’m down! I’ll have to be doing mine on Sunday though is that too late?

16 04 2010

It’s never too late…I’ll be posting about it tonight though so I’ll give you an honorable mention!

16 04 2010

Wow! Let me know in the future, and if I’m not working, I’ll make it happen too!

16 04 2010

Will do!

16 04 2010
seth @ fitwithapurpose

I still am going to hit this sometime. I’m trying to figure something cool out to do for it. I wish I could just run for 92 minutes…that’d be nice.

16 04 2010

I have to join Josie and complete my pledge tomorrow. Hubs is at the Ms game tonight and not tomorrow, like I thought. I’m getting really excited!!

18 04 2010

OK, I finally got it done! Not sure how I’ll be able to move my legs tomorrow, but I’ll just drag myself around if it comes to that. 😉

19 04 2010

Way to make Optimus Prime proud!

16 04 2010

Well I just got back from the gym and all I can say is…95 minutes baby!!! My longest workout yet and it’s a due to you, well and I guess Ed. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

I did 1:00/hr on the treadmill, 10 min on the elliptical (that sucker kicks my ass) and 25 mins of weights. All together the machines said I burned 1093 calories. Seems like I should have burnt more, but I’ll go by what the machines and my software say for now.

Now seeing as I am too awake to head to bed, I think I’ll try and finish BioShock 2. :p

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