92 minute challenge for April 16th 2010

15 04 2010

I have a friend Ed who blogs over at Monday315 and yesterday he did a workout challenge of 92 minutes on the elliptical. I was so proud of him, that I told him I would match it on Friday (tomorrow). Now I’m asking all my  friends to join me. You don’t have to get on the elliptical. I just want you to move for 92 minutes. Run, Walk, Swim, Bike, run around with your kids, I don’t care but I want you to love yourself enough to move.

Tomorrow at 6:30a I’m stepping on the elliptical and not getting off until 8:02a because my friend Ed, loves himself enough to move in the right direction. Do you love yourself enough to do the same?

Come out and play with me!




11 responses

15 04 2010

Tomorrow, I will take my family hiking after work. We will be on the trails for at least 92 minutes! Rock. on.

Thanks for matching me. It felt so good to do it! You ROCK!

15 04 2010

Whoa you’re re-pledging to your own challenge…that’s HAWT!

15 04 2010

I’m definitely still in. Ed is a superstar!!I’ll be on my bike, conquering my fear of balance issues, for 92 continuous minutes. Unless I fall off. But, cross my heart, if I fall off I’ll just get back on it.

15 04 2010

lol, I had to go through all of his pictures on FB just to get to your blog! And you won’t fall off (keeping my fingers crossed).

15 04 2010

I love these challenges. I can’t commit to 92 minutes tomorrow…but I can for Saturday. How’s that? Now you have me really thinking because there’s this race that I was just invited to do this weekend….kinda spur of the moment, but there’s two races back to back. One’s a trail race and one’s a road race all for the same great cause. I was thinking of doing one, but maybe now I’ll do both (which would be another 10k) in honor of you and Ed. HHmmmmMMM.

15 04 2010

Josie of course you committing to Saturday is not only okay but super fantastic!!!!!

15 04 2010

92 minutes?! OK, that is 27 minutes more than I have yet to do. I pledge to do 92 minutes on the treadmill tomorrow!! Cool….my first challenge, I am up for it!!

16 04 2010

Play your cards right Vinny and there will be more challenges to come.

16 04 2010
Pre OWiS week in review / 92 minute tally « 263 and counting

[…] Thursday – An hour with Superman and a new found hate love for inclined sit-ups and a green weighted ball. I didn’t really blog about it too much because I was focused on Ed and his 92 minute work out challenge. […]

17 04 2010

Eff. I didn’t see this. BUT, I totally did this challenge without even thinking about it. I walked 3 miles with my mom today then 5 miles with a friend and after that went to the gym to lift 🙂

Hope that counts! AND I HOPE YOU KICKED BUTT FOR 92 MINUTES! Optimus would be proud, Bumble Bee.

17 04 2010

I pretty much kicked butt! But look whose talking butt kicker with your multiple miles of walking!!

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