Just a few bullets…

13 04 2010
  • I went to the gym today for a swim. When I got there Superman was walking towards me. I stopped him, shook his hand and thanked him for yesterday’s session.
  • I’m tallying my miles run / laps swam from here on out. So far I’ve run 12 miles in April = SHAZAM! You can watch the numbers grow over there on the right ——->
  • I’ll be adding to that mileage tomorrow.
  • My new mantra thanks to Tony is “The gym will not beat me”
  • My other new mantra thanks to Steve is “WWOPD” (What would Optimus Prime Do?)
  • I am kicking ass
  • I am taking names
  • I want you to join me!



15 responses

13 04 2010
Josie (35 and Shrinking)

haha, awesome. I love your new mantras…and for the record? I AM JOINING YOU!

14 04 2010

Josie, you not only did you join but you are leading the way for sure!

13 04 2010

good question.
Great job on getting back to the gym…can’t wait to see your numbers climb! keep it up.

14 04 2010

thanks Chris, I can’t wait either!

13 04 2010

Let’s kick ass together!

How awesome is WWOPD? Haha, that cracks me up every time. Keep swimming. Tri in July 2011, you down?

14 04 2010

I’d say yes but then I’d pee my pants…don’t stop asking me though.

14 04 2010

I’ll join you! I’ll start tallying my miles too! My wife and I are going to be joining the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in VA beach on Sept 5th. So I’ll be racking up some miles training for that!

14 04 2010

Holy mother of all that is pure and sweet, A HALF MARATHON? Dude, you are wicked awesome!

14 04 2010


Seriously this post got me pumped!

14 04 2010

coming from someone like you tricia, this makes my day!

14 04 2010

You’re on a roll, and it comes through in the post. Love your motivation, determination, and drive.

14 04 2010

thanks bella!

15 04 2010
Anonymous Fat Girl

Ha ha! The optimus prime was hilarious!!! 🙂

15 04 2010

WWOPD pretty much rules my life these days!

16 04 2010
Pre OWiS week in review / 92 minute tally « 263 and counting

[…] I swam for a mile, thanked Superman for the session (and opening up my eyes) and picked up two new mantra’s. Feel free to use […]

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