A picture is worth 17 pounds…

11 02 2010

You can’t make anything more real than by taking a picture. The pants on the bottom are the one’s I was wearing when I went into Kohl’s yesterday. The middle pair is one of the pairs I bought (Size 20). They fit nicely. The one’s on the top are the size 18. They fit nicely as well and I actually appreciate the shape of my thighs while wearing them.

Today was a much better day emotionally. Not that yesterday was a bad day…it was just a hard day to get through emotionally (started out way low…ended up way high) and left me feeling exposed and sensitive. Up early this morning to complete the last run of week two for the c25k program. I’m going to go ahead and give week 3 a shot this coming Sunday. I’m horribly nervous about the idea of running 3 minutes. The thing to remember that if I feel it’s not time I can redo week #2.

I saw an interesting sign in front of a church: “Notice what is right”. I saw this on my way to the track today. I was a nice mantra to have while running in the rain. I spend too much time noticing what is wrong that I forget to think about the things that are right. Here are some things that are right:

  • I have a loving husband that supports everything I’m doing on this life changing journey.
  • I have lost 17 pounds while implementing these life changes.
  • I can run 90 seconds (multiple times).
  • I have more energy and find myself craving more time to move and less time in front of the computer.
  • I am buying sizes of clothes that I thought far out of my reach.
  • I am not smoking nor do I have the urge.
  • I have saved 150+ hours of my life NOT playing World of Warcraft in the last month.

What are some things that you notice are right in your life?




2 responses

12 02 2010

P.S. I forgot to mention in my comments yesterday – I love WoW! I don’t play nearly as much now since I am working, running my own business, AND doing the whole healthy living thing. But I do love it!

12 02 2010

I love(d) it too. A little too much. Its taken me quite a while to shift my thought processes to not include playing that game. Now I’m weaning myself off of Facebook.

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